The Last Spell – Gameplay Tips

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to rough it up in the first 1-3 days in order to build gold mines and get more villagers so you can clear SOME of the rubble for money and materials.
  • Monsters seem to attack the rubbles after breaking the walls, so don’t dismantle everything, leave some rubble as a defensive wall
  • Inn will let you hire more heroes, an inn costs 100, increasing your hero limit costs 50 (more expensive everytime), and hiring a hero costs 50. Meaning you will need 200 gold for your 4th hero and this is a huge spike in power, more than items, upgrades, or anything else. So the priority is to build your economy, then unlock that 4th hero, preferably before day 5.
  • Forget the 25% more xp skill, especially in the demo that ends on day 5 and won’t let you take full advantage of the extra xp. Early on you’re trying to rough it up to build up your economy, so your first skill should be +15% crit chance to full health targets. It’s a life saver because it will often one shot kill instead of requiring 2 attacks. The second skill would be mana per crit, it will save you a lot of gold from potion buying, and you can pick more important stats on level up than mana related ones.
  • The most important stat is AP, pick it up whenever you can, level up or items, etc. The second stat is MOVEMENT. Just because of how enemies behave, but also because movement lets you attack then retreat to a safer position. You might want an hp upgrade but probably no more than that as you can often avoid damage on your heroes all together, then every crit or damage boost stat is very good… even 4% to damage is important because nothing is more frustrating than having enemies survive with 2 hp and wasting another of your attacks.
  • Class wise (classes are basically the weapons equiped, not the characters), i really like wizards because of their high damage that can one shot some enemies, and because they have access to chain lightning type spells. Wizard can do both single target and AOE targets well, making them very versatile.
  • Catapults are life savers, worth the cost and using villagers to recharge them. There seems to be a bug with wasting a villager on a 3rd recharge, since the catapult is supposed to recharge once per day for free, but it will let you spend 3 villagers to get to the max 3 charges.
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