Hokko Life – How to Fish

How to Fish / Controls for Fishing

Tip #1

To fish you need to keep the bar from depleting to the left side. You need hold your button to reel in the fish. If the fish moves towards the left you need to use joystick/movement buttons (WASD) and go right instead (also stop reeling in the fish when this occurs).

If the fish moves to the right you need to do the same thing but move left. After the fish has stopped moving and is back in the center again you can resume reeling it in. Repeat those steps until the bar is full.

Tip #2

As soon the fish bites and the bobber goes under water, press either E or the left mouse button(doesn’t matter which one). Keep pressing until it says reel left/right. Then just press A or D until ther fish is in the center of the bar and the text disappears. Then press E or LMB again.

When the bar gets a yellow/red border, stop pressing and just click a bit, the fish will go crazy soon after again and you have to press either A or D again.

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