GTFO – Ultimate Meta Guide

This guide will teach you about the current meta for how to play GTFO.

Guide to Basic


As with most competitive games, practice is key! GTFO is no exception! Familiarize yourself with the movement, weapons, everything. This is the biggest factor in your success!


Movement is the most vital thing in GTFO. One wrong step, you’re surrounded by 20 sleepers in a matter of seconds.

Basic Movement

The current meta for getting around is to sprint and “bunnyhop” (jump repeatedly as soon as you hit the ground) simultaneously. This will be similarly effective to crouch walking constantly, in terms of detection, but will obviously be much faster.

Evasive Movement

When running from a horde, the last thing you want is to lose all of your health. You have to dodge shooters, long range splitters, while running around and trying to find a choke point. For evasive movement, there are 2 options I’ve found.

Sprinting slides

Pretty simple technique, but not the most effective. Whilst sprinting, click the crouch button to execute a slide. (if you have crouch toggle on, you’ll have to quickly click the crouch button again). The goal is to keep your speed, while making yourself a harder target. Bonus points if you add in strafing!

Bunnyhopping! Again

Probably the best choice in terms of speed and making yourself a hard target, but 1 slip up, you’re ♥♥♥. This one may take practice. Essentially, you’re still doing the basic meta movement, but with strafing included and a whole lot more pressure on you.

Clearing Enemies in Close Proximity

You’ve just entered a big room, and RNG is not on your side. 10 sleepers, some right next to each other. What do you do?

There’s a few different ways to approach it. You could go in guns blazing, but this is obviously a terrible choice. The best method for dealing with this is to:

  • Make a backup plan! Create a fallback path, with mines or a sentry that you can run back to. If ♥♥♥ hits the fan, you need to be able to fall back and prepare to shoot the horde out.
  • Take out the enemies that are more spread out first. Leave the groups for last! Groups are more likely to get alerted, so best clear out as much as you can first!
  • With grouped sleepers, it’s best to coordinate an attack with your teammates. Make sure to execute the enemies at the same time as to avoid alerting surrounding enemies!


The most basic but most dangerous tool you have, but not in the way you would think. Countless times, I’ve had teammates leave their lights on as we enter a new room, thus alerting all the sleepers on the other side. Chaos and loss ensues. Don’t be that teammate!

  • Make sure to use it as minimally as possible!
  • Don’t ever assume it’s off, make sure to check!

Bonus Tip: If you’re trying to clear a room, but the sleepers’ clicks are overlapping and preventing you from moving, flash your flashlight at them simultaneously very quickly to sync them up with each other. This should give you a window to move in!


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