Arma 3 – How to Unlock Humanitarian Achievement

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How to Unlock

  • The Peacekeeper: Make sure no supply crate get damaged. Plan your air drop location carefully. 
  • The Guerrilla: Do not use IDAP ambulance in the barricade. There are other vehicles you can use instead. 
  • The Redacted: Do not kill IDAP doctor. He’ll return back to the church if you wait (the delay is shorter when you identify him).
    (Hint: Press T to identify targets and the IDAP doctor while using laser designator to observe the town.) 
  • The Survivor: Reach the church unarmed. Picking up a weapon is fine as long you drop it and do not kill anyone. 
  • The Major: Do not execute any incapacitated enemy. Spreading mines has no effect on this, the situation justifies it.
    (In case this condition didn’t work anyhow, try reverting to “The Major” then not using the APERS mine dispensers at all – this should be the ultimate guarantee to fulfill the requirement).

You’d get the achievement after credits, when the reporter’s article appears.

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