Warhammer Combat Cards – Beginners Tips

This game is one of the better ones while it gets difficult you are still able to attain very good decks that can rival whales without spending any money.

Tips for Newbies

All credit goes to kfc!

While you can buy packs etc for real money, this game allows you to buy packs etc with the free currency you earn.

  • When you start your main goal is to unlock clans, level up some cards (not too many) just enough to unlock clans at player level 6 I believe it is.
  • Player level is the number in the red purity seal.
  • The reason why you want to join a clan is it will give you extra cards depending on the clans dedication. Eg: x clan is dedicated to space marines = you getting more space marine pulls from packs you get.
  • Don’t go crazy upgrading cards everywhere, pick a faction you like the play style of and upgrade with them, also join the corresponding clan. So if you like tau play style, join tau clan.
  • Save your currency that you get from opening free packs and missions etc to buy cards and warlords you like in the shop, the shop rotates check the timer on the bottom.
  • Play campaigns that the game offers (its the sword symbol) as you unlock great cards and warlords.
  • You unlock ranked mode at player level 10. This begins your climb to terra. In ranked you vs ai controlled player made decks. You always vs ai in this game, so it is easy to trick them if you have the right tactics.
  • Do your daily missions! You can check this progress by going to the power fist symbol then clicking the gold star medallion at the top. Here you can find your free pack count down and missions objectives that give you xp towards your player level (red purity seal).
  • If you come across missions that you don’t like you can wait and refresh them, nearly all of them are pretty simple which is nice.
  • Player customisation: you can change your banner, avatar and title by going topower fist> click your name in portrait> click yellow feather in circle. When you pull a warlord form packs or missions etc – you will get its avatar.
  • In the same area (your profile) you can see your stats and also what clan you are in.
  • Change your name: go to the cog in the top right of your screen then click the change your name and type new name.
  • In ranked mode it will take your 4 highest score to calculate medals, if you don’t know what this is just wait till you unlocked ranked mode and you will understand.
  • Again you vs ai at all times in this game, accept in a clan you can request a clan friendly battle. The ai will use players decks so u never technically pvp in real time accept clans. This is good because the ai can be tricked and not use player decks the way the actual player built it.
  • In clans you can chat to members, vets will give you great advice on builds and card combos etc. Join one in your preferred language.
  • Join clan asap for more free cards.
  • Also when you join a clan you get a free pack in the store for your first clan dedication.
  • You can freely change clans, but some clans have a player cap before you can join them. If your a new player join a clan that you like the faction they are dedicated to and is open to all levels.
  • Some clans rotate faction dedication every 10 days like my clan so we can get a variety of cards.
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