Alek – The Lost Kingdom – Map with Locations and Land Prices

It’s just a crude map, showing locations and prices of all the land you can buy.

The Map

It’s a crude little map I made in Microsoft Paint. Shows the locations of lakes and rivers (blue), impassable mountains (maroon), goblin camps (red squares), major walking paths (grey), underground caves (black triangles) and the five plots of land you can purchase (green rectangle). Each piece of real estate also shows the price in gold coins that it will cost you to buy it. It’s just intended to help you plan your village’s expansions, take the guess-work out of things so you don’t end up running all over the map and getting killed by big bears while trying to read the For Sale signs, only to discover that you don’t have enough gold to buy the land anyway.

The green rectangles don’t necessarily match the “exact” size of the buildable area, they are only meant as estimates. I haven’t earned enough gold coins yet to unlock any plots of land except the one you get for free at the beginning.

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