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SilverFrame - Guide to Game's Controls and Mechanics

Written by Shirayone   /   Updated: Jun 8, 2021    

Explaining the game's control in English and give some additional info about the game mechanics.

Controls and Mechanics Guide

General Controls


  • J: Main Weapon
  • U: Sub Weapon
  • L: Countermeasures
  • Space: Change Target (to the one directly in front of you)

Transformation (while not already in that form)

  • 1: Change to Fighter/Assaulter form
  • 2: Change to GERWALK/Burster mode
  • 3: Change to Battroid/Combater form

Double Tap to Transform (can be disabled)

  • I: Change to Fighter/Assaulter form
  • K: Change to GERWALK/Burster mode
  • O: Change to Battroid/Combater form


  • Z: Hyperjump (hold to end mission)
  • X: Mouse mode (usable once you unlocked a module)
  • C: Autopilot (incredibly strong)
  • V: Change View

Controls in Fighter/Assaulter (Plane) form


  • S: Pitch Up
  • W: Pitch Down
  • A & D: Roll Left & Right (Tap 2x to dodge)

(Hidden Binds)

  • Q & E: Yaw Left & Right


  • I: Afterburner (instant max throttle)
  • K: Lower Throttle
  • O: Drift (instant min throttle, hold to drift)
  • 1: Dodge (does the same thing as tapping A/D twice)

Controls in GERWALK/Burster mode


  • S: Pitch Up
  • W: Pitch Down
  • A & D: Turn Left & Right

(Hidden Binds)

  • Q & E: Rotate Left & Right


  • I: Forward Thrust
  • K: Reverse Thrust
  • O: Padlock View (hold to look at current target)
  • 2: Turn Back

Controls in Battroid/Combater (Mech) form


  • WASD: Directional Movement (double tap to use Afterburner)
  • I: Move Forward
  • K: Move Back

(Hidden Binds)

  • Q & E: Rotate Left & Right


  • O: Stabilize (stop in place for more aiming precision)
  • 3: Melee Attacks

Additional Game Mechanic Info

  1. Afterburner uses Energy and builds up your Temperature meter, if the meter is full you will start to take damage.
  2. In Cockpit view you can see the radar map, which is pretty useful but not really.
  3. Flares/Chaffs damages the enemy.

Written by Shirayone.

Game:   SilverFrame