Killer7 – Definitive Smiths Guide (How They Works)

All about how the Killer7 operates and executes their abilities.

Guide to Smiths

All credit goes to [Zeka!]!


This guide will be 100% spoiler free and will help you better understand the Smiths in case you didn’t quite catch how they worked in the game or are wondering how they work.

Dan Smith

Dan Smith wields a 6 shot revolver which is named “Handsome Devil”. His ability is to shoot a huge blast from his gun with three vials of blood or use one or two vials to power up them. He doesn’t have any other reality breaking powers but he sure is badass.

Kaede Smith

Kaede Smith wields a AMT Hardballer with a scope. She has a longer reload time than most and even fumbles with her gun while reloading it. Her abilities include; shooting Heaven Smiles at a long distance with her scope and her blood bath ability. She can use her pistol scope to shoot Heaven Smiles from longer distances than the other members of the Smith Syndicate since she has the least amount of health in the game. She can use her blood to shower walls and other hidden objects to reveal secrets and walkways.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith wields knives that don’t require reloading and can turn invisible. He can use his ability to pass through laser beams and other objects. Many pick Kevin since he does not reload and is almost never defenseless.

Coyote Smith

Coyote Smith has the ability to pick big locks and jump incredibility high. He does also have a charge shot mode he can use for one vial of blood which is powerful like Dan Smith’s Collateral Shot but can’t hit Mother Smile weak points.

Con Smith

Con Smith wields two fast shooting pistols that shoot incredibly fast. Con is all about speed and quickness as seen in his ability and reload speed. His ability is to activate a speed rush which he can run at very fast speeds that far surpass any Heaven Smile or the other members of the Smith Syndicate.

Mask de Smith

Mask de Smith shoots grenades and has the most health of the Killer7. He upgrades throughout the entire game with different masks and eventually has an entire luchador outfit. Mask de Smith can use his wrestling moves to clear debris. Mask de Smith also has three modes for his grenade launchers. His first mode which uses one blood vial is a more powerful version of his grenade blasts called a “Shock Shell” which can kill a certain Heaven Smile. His second mode uses a “Focus Shell” that obliterates any Heaven Smile he comes across. In his final transformation he gains a third mode that uses five vials which clears all Smiles from the screen.

Garcian Smith

Garcian Smith has a small pistol that doesn’t do much damage but it’s accuracy and speed is good for clearing out Heaven Smiles. His abilities include reviving the other members of the Killer7 and reveal Heaven Smiles from very long distances. He is the main personality of the Smiths so dying while having him in use is an instant game over.

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