Biomutant – How to Move Fast

This guide is to teach you how to move quickly through the air.

Guide to Move Quickly

All credit goes to Fell Mor!

Step One: Play Psi-Freak

The first thing you need to know is that this guide will be focused on ability usage. if you dont play psi-freak, sorry. Total energy and Energy recovery are essential to this.

Step Two: Play Light Aura

You will want to reach enough Light Aura to unlock the skill “Levitate”. Otherwise you’re out of luck.

Step Three: Equip Both Skills

Equip Both the “Levitate” skill and the “Blaze” skill. I prefer to bind Levitate to spacebar, and blaze to leftalt. the important thing is that you can reach them both easily.

Step Four: Don’t Try This Going Uphill

It doesn’t work. it just doesn’t. I suggest either a cliff, or at least a downward slope, though flat ground works too.

Step Five: Take Flight

The time has come. You’re ready. Now you have to use your levitate ability, and while floating upward, use your blaze ability in midair. Continue to use your blaze ability. you can hold the mouse wheel down to use the ability repeatedly. This method is extremely energy intensive, so for best results, use armor and play style befitting of a Flight Magician. When going for distance off of high places, you can use the Automaton’s Glider ability as well.

Step Six: Congratulations!

You did it! You’re a blazing fireball of glory. Become a meteor to be proud of.

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