LET IT DIE – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Let It Die game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • This is, at its core, a Souls-lite single player F2P game. The game plays fine and is winnable without investing a single cent. There are two sources of login bonuses, one on a 20 hour cooldown (via Uncle Death handcart) and one daily (via mailbox). There are also quests to pursue, some of which are one-time and some of which reset eligibility every week/month.
  • The game is still continually being updated and mechanics/content still evolve/grow. Its subreddit (r/letitdie) is also still updated and is a useful source for current strategies/information for equipment, bosses, and map rotations.
  • There are three currencies but only Death Metals (rainbow skulls) are IAP. You can however get lots of free DMs through daily login bonuses, quests, etc. They are best first used to expand your storage box in your home base (Waiting Room).
  • There is an asynchronous multiplayer raid system (Tokyo Death Metro) but you have to get through the first three levels and the first miniboss before it’s unlockable. It’s worth the participation for access to exclusive (usually cheaper to upgrade) equipment blueprints, and other high-value gifts straight to your mailbox.
  • Once you’re opted in, try to avoid leaving a bunch of non-IAP currency sitting in your SPL/KC coffers if you don’t want to lose it in raids. Keep SPL/KC gifts in your mailbox, and hoard high KC sell-value items (like golden animals) in your storage box, as neither are raidable.
  • Your save file/Waiting Room itself is inalienable and remembers collectibles, blueprints you’ve brought back, researched/upgraded equipment, storage locker and mailbox contents, quest progress, map unlocks and weapon masteries. Your avatars (Fighters) can be destroyed and lose Decals and carried equipment, but you can always start from scratch again and continue making progress.
  • Blueprints only start showing up on the second floor or higher. Get them back to your Waiting Room at all costs, as well as the raw materials needed to unlock their equipment. Blueprint sets are tied to the set of floors you’re on (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40).
  • The game has roguelike “bones files” that are AI-controlled orange Fighters designed by the dev team, or from other online players who let it die. Dev-designed ones have a naming convention and tend to drop blueprints for the equipment they are seen to wear.
  • The tower map changes every day, and there are 4 different rotations. One rotation has guaranteed shop locations. This in-field shop is a failsafe way of finding blueprints and rare upgrade materials, provided you have enough KC to buy them. You can make one trip to any in-field shop per hour, which resets when you return to the Waiting Room.
  • Found weapons are low durability and break easily. Work on your fists’ mastery first.
  • Your best healing items at the beginning are (cooked) animals. Firework launchers are the easiest way to cook them in the field, but any weapon with fire damage (or burning barrels/fires) will do.
  • Additional Fighters (and slots for them) are good to purchase so you can send them on expeditions to floors you’ve unlocked and bring back free loot to your mailbox, while you’re playing with your main Fighter.
  • Enemies will sometimes eat (beneficial) mushrooms and animals. Even thrown ones.
  • When something goes wrong, just cut and run. If you don’t see yourself making it back to the Waiting Room, at least try to die on as low a floor as possible to reduce KC retrieval costs.
  • When you unlock the next tier of Fighter, dumpster your current tier and move onto the next ASAP. There’s not really any good reason to keep low-tier Fighters unless you can’t yet afford to fill the slot with a higher-tier Fighter.
  • If you are on the escalator between floors and haven’t pushed the “accept” button, you can leave the game like this indefinitely. The PS4 can sleep and wake from this screen, too.
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