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Deep Rock Galactic - Gameplay Tips

Written by Meat_Tits   /   Sep 14, 2017    
Deep Rock Galactic - Gameplay Tips

Such many very useful so tips quite wow. For new players and not very new.

Before Mission

  • There is "testing room" level. For tests. Obviously.

  • It's under "infested chasms" and a bit over "back" button. It has no name on map. You can select it as any other one. 
  • You can access character selection menu at any place of the lobby location simply by pressing C (no need to go and change it in your room). 
  • As it seems (according to large amount of streams and videos) not everyone knows you can disable tooltip on the left upper corner of screen (it shows during mission but better change it before). Unflag: escape > options > UI "On Screen Button Help". 

During Mission

  • Sometimes you cant reach resources and this is not enough serious to use platforms or call scout. Well, you can jump and mine in a same time. Or you can even jump on Molly and mine. Wooah. 

  • When you hit the limit of resource you can carry, continuing digging same resource will cause it drop to ground in form of ores. You can load resources into Molly and grab what's left on the ground. 

  • There is the tutorial about how to find gems. But no explanation what for. Credits. Jadiz (green gem) gives 150 credits bonus if you succeed mission. 

  • Bittergem (yellow gem) grants 300 credits. 

  • Also very important part about bonus credits. You should not be afraid to waste gold on supplies during mission, because credits bonus for gold will not reduce from that. It's only count how much your team mined in total, no matter the consumption. 

  • Don't trust Molly. In the end of mission when countdown launches, Molly can go thru walls, go thru wholes made by supply drop, go around trying to find path.. and not find it, because sometimes escape pod lands in next undiscovered room. Yes. Sometimes escape pod (depending from where you are) can appear in next area (or even after 2 next areas). Don't trust Molly, look on compass, green mark and guess where is the path. Generally there only 2 directions, forward and backward. 

During Combat

  • Glyphid Praetorian (big green armored bug) vulnerable from his backwards so better to shoot him in the butt. But you still can shoot him right in the face and deal same damage. 

  • Glyphid Webspitter (purple bug spitting web on you and making slow/blind) loves to make you hate it especially in no-light situations. But it's not invisible, you can notice light glowing of its chops/body. Additionally you can always mark enemy with scanner (ctrl+leftclick). 

  • Glyphid Brood Nexus (big stationary thingy with eyes, generating small bugs to annoy you) shoot it in the eyes to cause maximum damage with less ammo waste. 

  • Spitball Infector (big stationary thingy with no eyes, spits green fireballs :P), as temporary solution engineer can block its head using platform gun. 

  • Ziplines unbreakable. You can ride on them (press E to change ride direction) and shoot in a same time. 

  • Sentryguns cant be destroyed by you or bugs. They last until out of ammo (amount left shows on the back) and then disappear. They also can keep shooting targets while you in another area. 

  • PICKAXE - Weapon of Gods!

Written by Meat_Tits.