Dead by Daylight – How to Win Every Single Game as a Survivor Team

3200+ hours competitive gamer explaining how to escape every single time as a survivor team against any type of killer no matter they are good or bad skilled.

To Do List

All credit goes to Jehnib!

DBD is a multiplayer game. No matter your skill or how much you already played DBD this is a to-do-list for people who are serious about escaping every single game with the survivor team even against strong killers with good sense of mind.

  • 1. Try to be a relevant player. Cooperate with the team and try to get out as fast as possible with the team. Don’t be selfish or use selfish perks, try to be a strong team and only think about yourself if you are 99,9% chance to fail. Try to be mentally in the game.
  • 2. Focus on the main objectives. Get the generators and the gate(s) before doing irrelevant stuff.
  • 3. Try to avoid doing irrelevant stuff and therefore being useless. Healing, cleansing, cure sickness, opening chests, scared spirit, grasp rescues, bodyblocks, standing at the exit gate and hook sabotage are all counting as a waste of time and irrelevant stuff.


Most people will wonder why i picked this one to be an irrelevant action. This is actually the biggest waste of time and the biggest wall to succed escaping a trial. It takes 80 seconds to complete a generator by default. Healing one health state takes 16 seconds by default and is therefore 1/5 (20%) a generator could have been completed instead of healing a health state. Remember! This is just one health state, most people heal many health states during 1 match. A very time consuming action made in this game. So healing 5 health states which is very common for the average player in a random team will get you full health 5 times instead of 1 generator. This is ONLY for healing 5 health states, nothing else included. You are not even slower when being injured, what makes you wanna be healed so badly? Only heal on occations where your team is winning and you have time to do so.


This one refers to cleansing totems and there are 5 totems scattered around the map. This is not the biggest time waster, but most people forget the downside of cleansing totems. Cleansing a totem takes 14 seconds and is reset if the survivor doesnt hold down M1(default) during all 14 seconds. Cleansing totems is also bad even for cleansing hex totems. Mid-game you dont know what type of totem it is. I see many people prioritizing getting the hex totem over escaping as a team. Only do this if you see no other way around. Since it isnt a main objective i dont consider it necessary.

Cure Sickness

This is related to matches where you are playing against The Plague. I refer to the healing part where you are not handicapped because you’re sick/injured. First getting to a place to cure and cure for sickness takes too much time to be necessary. Also, the killer gets the corrupt purge power available when you are cured for sickness. This is the most unbalanced power in the game and i’ve personally seen lots of people starting to complain about the plague. Dont cure for sickness!

Opening Chests

This is a small time consumer. Not necessary to open chests. Do it if you have time to do so.

Scared Spirit

This is a very important one. It’s related to being scared for the killer in person. You will then hide more, walk and crouch more which is a waste of time since there are 4 survivors and you are not being productive when scared. I see many weak players being scared and not even getting a generator because they dont know what to do in what situations. Like i said earlier in the guide, try to be mentally in the game and work with yourself.

Grasp Rescues

This is where many experienced players fail to play. They spend the whole game waiting for a non-guaranteed grasp rescue where they can work a generator or more instead. I see this a lot. Im a competitive player myself so unless you know what you are doing or are informed about your teammates you shouldn’t be doing grasp rescues.


This means bodyblocking a killer carrying a survivor. All depends on the situation but dont play a game trying all the time to be a bodyblocker, try to use logic.

Standing at the Exit Gate

Now this is one that is very very common these days. Standing there and never actually planning on helping the team. You should either escape directly or go helping the teammate that is in danger. Standing there is a big time waste and will result in your teammate in danger not able to getting the hatch. NEVER stand at the exit gate!

Hook Sabotage

Same goes here than for the grasp rescues and body blocks. Dont spend the whole game trying to sabotage hooks in front of a killer with a survivor on the grasp. This is something you see a lot from experienced players but is a quite big time waster.

  • 4. There are also relevant stuff to do that is not referring to main objectives. Getting out of a trap, mending, snap out of it, recovering from dying state and unhooking a teammate are all relevant stuff to do if you happen to be caught by these steps. Let me know if you are unsure what i mean with some of them.
  • 5. Don’t rely on perks, items, add-ons, offerings or skills. This is a cooperative game and even in my most succeded games i’ve ever played i was best when i had no perks and used these simple guidelines that i’ve just explained.

If you use this guide for your advantage just remember that you should only do irrelevant stuff if you have time to do so. 99,9% of the time it’s not necessary to do all the irrelevant written stuff. There’s also a 99,9% chance of escaping if you follow this guide along with your 3 teammates, so please spread the message I’ve given!

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