Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition – How to Get the Deluxe Content to Load

Please note: all credit goes to tynian87116!

Short sweet and simple guide to save you the arduous headache I went through to get the game to do something as simple as acknowledging that the deluxe content you bought is actually acknowledged by the game.

The What Section

What is this for?

If you own the complete version of ME:A for Steam and are not able to access the extra goodies like the paint jobs for the Nomad, the casual outfits for Ryder and the rapidly outdated extra armors and you’ve delved into the games folder, you’ve seen the file that contains your pet pyjak, you yearn for it in your game so you can negotiate the threesome of your dreams with Kesh and Vetra as Sara Ryder. Or you just want to save yourself the headache of shuffling through countless discussions, ea posts, youtube vids and just get to the fixing because you, like me, have the “I have to fix this thing that’s right in front of me but not working for some stupid reason no matter how long it takes even if I really don’t want the thing that I’m trying to fix” virus…

What’s the issue and what’s the fix?

Issue: You’ve bought the complete edition of ME: A from Steam knowing that some way, some how, Origin will be involved and it’ll cause you misery. In this particular case, it’s redeeming the Deluxe DLC stuff. In Ryder’s room on the Tempest by the email terminal, there’s supposed to be a console on the right hand corner of the desk that has an option “Special Delivery Cache” which should light up when you get close which allows you to redeem the various digital goodies that comes with the deluxe and above editions. The very annoying thing for me was two-fold.

For starters I wasn’t aware that I actually needed to activate that console as I, wrongly, assumed that the single player stuff would auto-load like most games I’ve played… the assumption is wrong… never underestimate the convolution that a game that’s gone full EA/Origin is capable of… Once I figured out that you need to activate the console, to my chagrin, I could see the godsdamned thing sitting there but it wouldn’t do anything/didn’t have the use option.

The Fix

Now, given that the ThinOrigin client is notorious for borking any steam bought game it touches in innumerable random ways, if this fix doesn’t work IDK what to tell you.

I tried pretty much everything else including thorough full uninstall/reinstall and more to get the game to just gimme the lackluster DLC content so I can move on with my “life”. That being said, if this doesn’t work, there are many different solutions that might work in discussions here, on reddit or elsewhere.

  • The Fix
  • Go to Library page via the Steam launcher and find Andromeda
  • Right click on Andromeda
  • Hover over Manage Game and click browse local files.
  • Locate MassEffectAndromeda.exe
  • Right click the exe and click properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab.
  • Un-check the “run windows in compatibility mode” option.
  • Hit Apply.
  • Close windows explorer and launch the game.
  • Go to your room on the tempest and you should now see the option “Special Delivery Cache” light up when you walk over to the desk with the email terminal.
  • Activate the special delivery cache and you should now be getting a message letting you know that you’ve got your stuff.


Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before redeeming these items! If your inventory is full you will either lose the items you’re redeeming or it’ll make room by deleting something you’re already carrying. This is something that I saw repeated several times during my long, anti-climactic journey.

Note: This will redeem the single player stuff, although, the pet Pyjack requires some extra steps, namely checking email to get the quest to find the Pyjack. There are innumerable YouTube guides available to walk you through getting it. Also, according to Ody via the comment linked above, they think that the issue is caused because running in compatibility mode stops the game from properly detecting the dlc. IDK if that’s what’s happening or not, though that makes sense, all I care about is it worked and thus ended my headache.

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