Bloons TD 6 – How to Obtain Hook, Line, and Sinker Achievement

The recent achievement “Hook, Line, and Sinker” requires grind to get, but when set up properly properly it can be done within a few hours.

Hook, Line, and Sinker Achievement Guide


Version 26 introduced several grindy achievements; pop 500 Golden Bloons, moving 1,000 towers with Support Chinook’s ability, and a few more. This guide will help with “Hook, Line, and Sinker”, which requires 3,000 MOABs taken down with the MOAB Takedown ability.


The basic setup involves spamming Monkey Pirates and Bloontonium Reactors across a map with plentiful water, setting up Banana Farms on land to amass money for spamming Monkey Pirates, and setting up Ice Towers with Villages to deal with Bloons without destroying MOABs. Benjamin is the best hero here because of his abilities that help deal with Bloons without damaging them and his money generating ability.

Waves 1-20

Set up cheap towers to deal with Bloons early on. Deploy Benjamin as early as possible so you can benefit from his cash generation. Deploy a Buccaneer near the exit alongside a Monkey Submarine to deal with stragglers and possibly supporting your other towers. Set up a Banana Farm by Wave 10 at the latest. Keep setting up as many Banana Farms as you can.

Waves 20-40

Keep building and upgrading Banana Farms so you can get more money. Make sure your defenses can deal with Camo, White, and Zebra bloons. Make sure you get Monkey Pirates on your Buccaneer before wave 40, where the 1st MOAB spawns

Waves 40-60

By wave 50, make sure you have a several Monkey Pirates around your Submarine, and upgrade your Submarine to Bloontonium Reactor, as more and more MOABs will begin to spawn.

Waves 60-80

Make sure your defenses can deal with Waves 63, 75, and 78. By wave 70, set up another Bloontonium Reactor Sub with several Monkey Pirates surrounding it. Make sure you get Pirate Lord on one of your Monkey Pirates by Wave 80 so you can deal with ZOMGs. Upgrade one of your Bloontonium Reactors to Energizer, preferably the one that has the Pirate Lord in its radius.

Waves 80-100

Keep setting up more Bloontonium Reactors and Monkey Pirates. Set up defenses a third through the track to deal with stragglers. Let the Buccaneers set up by the exit deal destroy ZOMGs to BFBs in order to deal with ZOMGs while Pirate Lord is on cooldown, plus quadruple progress towards achievement. By Wave 90, make sure you have a way to slow down Bloons for DDTs (Snowstorm, Bloon Sabotage).Waves 100+ are highly suggested due to the abundance of MOABs, although ZOMGs will take a while to be destroyed.

Waves 100+

The setup is the same as before, although if you want to you can place down more Monkey Pirates and place down a Cripple MOAB Sniper and multiple Bloon Sabotage Ninjas to deal with DDTs. Waves 101+ provide a lot of MOABs, but you’re also bottlenecked by several ZOMGs. The 2 BADs on Wave 119 will take a while to whittle down but they are doable. When BADs start to spawn alongside the other MOABs and they become problematic is when you should restart if you haven’t already.

Video Demonstration

Key points

  • 1st Banana Farm by Wave 10, can be done earlier though.
  • All farms are 02X because I’m too lazy to use banks.
  • 000 Sniper on Wave 13 to deal with stragglers before Buccaneer and Submarine could attack.
  • Struggled with Waves 33 and 37 because I wasn’t paying too much attention to my defenses.
  • Four 023 Farms up at Wave 35.
  • Monkey Pirates set up at Wave 36.
  • Jungle’s Bounty Druid up by Wave 41 to generate cash with ability.
  • Bloons only popping defense (320 Village, 230 Ice Monkey, and 204 Ice Monkey) up at Wave 44.
  • Second Monkey Pirates up at wave 48.
  • Pirate Lord up at Wave 54.
  • Several Monkey Pirates deployed around Bloontonium Reactor from Wave 55.
  • Snow Storm up at Wave 59.
  • Energizer up at Wave 66.
  • Second batch of Monkey Pirates and Bloontonium Reactor up at Wave 71.
  • Super Brittle up at Wave 74 to slow down MOABs.
  • Absolute Zero up at Wave 78 to deal with DDTs.
  • A few batches of Monkey Pirates and Bloontonium Reactors up at Wave 81.
  • Druids sold and Icicle Impale and MiB up to deal with stragglers on Wave 83.
  • Final batch of Monkey Pirates and Bloontonium Reactor set up near spawn at Wave 88.


Here’s an example of expectations by certain rounds

Wave 20

Wave 40

Wave 60

Wave 70

Wave 80

Wave 90


This achievement, when done properly, is faster and easier compared to the other new Achievements from Update 26. 

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