Drug Dealer Simulator – Sewer Map

The Map


Map with help for those who get lost. Just follow the whits line. Without gates, they are overrated, you´ll find out why.

Map in Colours

  • Red Line = Main Thunnel.
  • Green Line = Sidepath.
  • White Line = Base to Nightclub.
  • Blue Spot = Scrap Dealer.

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Written by hudat


  1. Are there some doors unlocked in the late game? When i follow the way there are doors which i cant open.. any tipps?

    • as far as i remember all gates are locked. but you only have to open 2 to switch between districts. gates stay open for a day. gates you cant/not allowed to pick are closed forever.

  2. this map is right up to a point. the red main line between eastern slums and east oldtown is blocked at the top, and the supermarket area to go to the cemetery is also blocked. that park is a dead end. you have to go from basketball court passed the kennel and up to downtown to get up again to go to east deadtown and cemetery.

    • i didn’t draw any gates, because you have to follow a fixed route.
      you will mainly follow the white line just to get to the other side. only 2 gates to pick.
      all other entrances i don’t use for transportation, but only for escape into the underground.
      i wish i could build my lab down there… 😉
      everyone is free to download the map and adapt it to their needs.
      i did the same. you can draw your own personal route.
      this map is only meant to show the main route from one area to the other.
      and therefore no gates needed. everyone can remember 2 gates^^

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