Land of War – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find log files?

  • You may access the log files through the game menu.

How to access shooting range?

  • You may access it through the Main Menu – Bonus – Shooting Range. The shooting range allows you to test all the weapons present in the game.

How to activate DLC weapons?

  • To activate DLC you need to own it in your Steam app first. Then you must open the game and navigate to the Addons menu in the Main Menu of the game.
  • The owned weapon will appear with the possibility to activate it in the right upper corner.

  • If you don’t own the weapon it will appear greyed out. 

How to disable enemy indicators?

  • If you don’t like the enemy indicators 

  • You may disable them through the menu.

How to disable/change crosshair?

  • You may choose between Full, Simple, and Disabled.


  • Full

  • Simple

How to enable/disable automatic weapon reload?

  • Use the menu

How to find the DLC weapons?

  • You’ll find each DLC weapon at the Start of each location. They’re placed on a special stand or table in two locations – Death from above (Warsaw) and Dante’s Inferno (Warsaw).

  • You’ll also find them placed in the shooting range. 

How to open secret content?

  • You may access it through the Main Menu – Bonus page. All the items have to be found during the game in the maps and are usually hidden. Good luck!

  • Items are the collectibles that may be found during the game. You may watch them in the room. Comics are series of movies related to the game story and WW2 events that happened in Poland. 

  • You need to collect them while going through the maps. They’ll appear in the book then (content that was not found is greyed out). 
  • Move the pages using arrows, press the camera button (left bottom part of the screen) to watch it. 
  • Press X to exit to the menu (upper right corner). 

Vegetation settings

  • You may increase or decrease the rendering of vegetation, both grass and trees using Graphics settings in the game.

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