The Magnificent Trufflepigs – Where to Find the Specific Things You Need to Photograph

A short guide to tell you where to find the specific things you need to photograph.

Guide to Find the Specific Things


To photograph something, you need to put away your metal detector and hold the camera on something for a few seconds. The dot in the middle of your screen will change into a camera symbol and will show you how long to keep the item in focus.

The time in a day will only move on when you find story items, so you can try to get those photos first before starting metal detecting to be sure you got them before the day ends.


  • Looked at the wind turbines

This one is hard to miss unless you don’t know you need to photograph this for achievements. Youll see them already on day one close to where you start the game.

Hot Air

  • Looked at the hot air balloon

On day 1 you’ll see a hot air balloon flying through the air.


  • Looked at the hang-glider

On day 2 you’ll hear some man’s voice scream, this is the sign that the Glider is close by in the air.


  • Looked at the rescue copter

In the morning on day 3, you’ll hear a helicopter and seeing it flying through the air.

Grave Situation

  • Looked at the Graveyard

You can see the graveyard on day 3, when you’re in the furthest field. Look outside the fields, over the fence. Next to the church which will give you’ll get a chat about weddings. This one is the hardest to spot.

Drop Dead

  • Looked at the Drop Dead Fred graffiti

On day 4 on the field in the middle, you can find this graffiti on the wall that is around the field.

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