Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Dolls Hunter Guide

General idea of NGS Hunter.

Guide to NGS Hunter

All credit goes to ルイシャナ!

Hunter Weapon

Hunter weapon is revolving around WA and photon art revenge.

Photon Art Revenge increase Photon Art damage by 50% and will provide guard frame with Hunter Art Perfect Parry, only if the Photon Art unleashed at same time enemy attack would hit.

Weapon action: Sword for counter, partisan for additional attack, WL for damage & mobility.

There is Same Art Skip Attack which exclusive to hunter & fight class skill tree for now. The skip attack will unleash 3rd attack or 4th attack for different arts version.


Sword speciality is their Weapon Action counter. By timing the weapon action, it will automatically counter attack, the attack is sword 4th/5th attack combo, thanks to hunter skill tree sword guard counter. Also the next attack will be sword last attack with sword guard counter plus.

After using same Photon Art you can unleash sword 3rd attack or 4th attack different photon art.

For example:

  • Spiral Edge>Spiral Edge> 3rd attack~5th attack
  • Spiral edge>Calibur streak> 4th~5th attack


Unfortunate weapon that even nerfed yet again in NGS.

Classic Partisan revolved around its Volkraptor and reduced Photon art damage. But due to bug its damage not stable at all.

NGS introduce it again as weapon action when its hold mode with 60s cooldown and 300 damage cap. Its really practical at the moment and 300 damage is as low as 1/2 of Charge Cleaving Scythe. Its also bugged pretty much. Sometimes gone when the server hit delay, stuck in air after left its host, refuse explode. So much hassle for 300 damage.

By itself the Weapon action just parry attack, you must attack manually for the counter attack unlike sword.

Everytime Photon art used, its convert weapon action into Assault charge. Non charged assault charge with thrust forward gaining some distance. When Charged, the assault charge do additional damage while sacrifice its range attack to 0.

Cleaving Scythe, the charged version of this Photon Art deal good amount of damage and have 2nd swing damage after first swing, the 2nd swing have less damage than 1st one. Sound good but the animation is too long added to the charging time. 2nd damage can be skipped if WA button used to convert to Assault Charge.

Fatal tornado, when charged will do series of rotating attack. Its the sucessor of classic PA slide shaker with longer animation and smaller AOE.

Thrusting javelin good photon art of stationary enemy or downed enemy. But it have no super armor so use it when you have hunter physique.

General combo

  • Cleaving scythe charged 1st swing> Charged Assault charge> Attack.

Wired Lance

Wired Lance get a big upgrade from the classic.

The weapon action do grabbing enemy and launch yourself to enemy then do good damage.

Each its photon art have wide AOE. But the damage except last hit is rather underhelming. Regardless can do good damage while avoiding enemy damage.

General combo

  • Turbulent Train> Turbulent Train> 3rd attack~5th attack.
  • Turbulent Train> Vane mixture> 4th attack~5th attack.

Sub Class and Hunter as Sub Class

For subclass, Fighter or gunner is safe choice.

Fighter provide more damage and pp recovery when attacking downed enemy.

Gunner provide more pp when attacking enemy, specially boss enemy.

All hunter skill can be used in sub class except warcry or iron will, as long as the weapon is hunter weapon.

For example:

  • Fi/Hu with maxed defeat advantage and defeat pp recovery provide more when Fi as main.
  • Gu/Hu with maxed attack pp and overhelm provide more as Gu main.

Skill Tree

In this version there is 20 sp. Everything can be taken at lvl 1. Flashguard provide small increase lvl 2 onward. And hunter physic cooldown is 3 minutes regardless of the level. Warcry can be ignored and all other weapon skill you down want to use.

Priority at early level:

Hunter Arts Avenger, Hunter Arts Perfect Parry, Hunter Arts Avenger PP Gain, Same Arts Skip Attack, Different Arts Skip Attack, Omnidirectional Guard.

  • Sword: Guard counter, Guard Counter Plus, Sword Attack Extra .
  • Partisan: Assault Charge, Assault Charge Avenger, Volkraptor (someday it will be buffed).
  • Wired Lance: Wired Attack Extra, Wired Anchor advanced, Wired Anchor Perfect Parry.

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