Sakura Agent – 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

Achievements / Walkthrough

All credit goes to Shinigami!

Most of the Achievements are done by just reading the novel from start to end cause there aren´t many choices.

I am referring to the uncensorred version of the game. So there might be scenes you don´t discover couse they aren´t in the steam version. If you want to read the uncensorred version have a look at the “Patch”-Section of this guide.

However here are all the Achievements and how to get them:


First things first: Start a new game.

First Misson

This one is a stright forward. Just start the game and read/play through the first day. After you (Akira) and Kimiko finished the incursion and went for lunch the achievement should pop up.

‘Poor’ Coordination

The second achievement is one of the few wich are driven by coices you make. After Kimiko arrives with the car and trys to push Masumi into it you have the choice to

  • “Catch her.”
  • “Let them Fall.”

Take here “Let them Fall” and you get the achievement and a scene you would otherwise just skip. There is no need to save and go back to choose the other choice cause there isn´t another scene, you would just skip a part

On Duty

This one is a stright forward like the first one. After you “help” Masumi at the beach with the sunscreem it should pop up.

Extradimensional Encounter

Again nothing you could miss. After Akira puts his head throug the anomaly inside “Sakura Beach” and has a chat with Ayumi and Momoko this achievement will be unlocked.

Walkthrough (Choice)

In the beachhouse when Akira visits Masumi and she askes for doing “casual things” you get the choice to use or don´t use a toy.

I recommend to save the game when the decision pops up and play both “ways” because you will get slightly different images for the gallery.

However this isn´t in the steam version i guess so it shouldn´t affect the “Unlock all images in the gallery”-Achievement.

The Rookie

This one should unlock when Masumi finds a litlle cat on the street after the events in headquaters.
The funny thing about this one is, that there are plenty more scenes with Masumi in the patched version.

Walkthrough (Choice)

When you are in the bar with Kimiko you´ll use a remote and got the choice to

  • “Keep going.”
  • “Stop it.”

Not a hard decision to make: Obviousliy you take “Keep going.” and enjoy the extra Images in your gallary. But there is also one image for “Stop it.” so simply go back or save and reload after playing one of the choices.

The Assistant

This one unlocks when Akira enjoys another scene with Kimiko while rescuing her.

Poker Face

Finaly you have to do something to get an achievement.

During the pokergame you have to follow this sequence to get it:

  • Fold.
  • Call.
  • Call.
  • Fold.
  • Just Play it Cool.
  • Call.

Stopped The Invasion

This one unlocks after you stopped the invasion (who would have thought it).

Your Partners

Directly after getting the last achievement the screen will become black and a choice pops up:

  • “Force myself to wake up.”
  • “Enjoy it for the moment.”

There is again no need to save cause with the wrong decision you would just skip a part.

So you pick the correct answer wich is “Enjoy it for the moment.” And there you go the last two achievements will pop up and you get an “interesting” scene.


This one unlocks with the one before. But however the gallary is not complete if you play the patched version. So just enjoy the next minutes until you get to the final scene wich is followed by the mainmenu.


If you followed this you should have now a complete Gallary with 58 images (the images from the scenes you´ve played through and the censored ones).

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