Resident Evil Village – How to Defeat the Bosses Under the Time Limit

Defeating Bosses Guide (Under the Time Limit)

All credit goes to king_sloth_dragon69!

Lady Killer

There’s a trick to the beginning and it’s that she takes zero damage from anything until the archways are destroyed

So make sure you just run until you make a full circle around the arena.

Now you have to aim at the white body on top of the dragon, it’s pretty easy to spot.

If you don’t have a magnum i would highly suggest a shotgun and the F2 rifle since this boss is constantly moving so precision is key.

On the ground she has one attack and that’s flashing blood red and then charge at you, she might also get on her back legs and then charge. If you are hit by this you will stumble back causing you to lose precious seconds and throw off your rhythm, Avoid this by watching her and if she looks like she’s gonna charge-Run back just enough to be out of her reach then run back as she’ll sometimes recoil after charging. I would strongly suggest using your shotgun or magnum if possible

She’ll eventually take to the air and hover around, shoot her down immediately! The F2 rifle is the only weapon that will give you a clear shot on her as shooting the dragon does nothing. A tip on shooting her in the air is keeping your scope semi-high and waiting for her body to come into the scope since trying to trace and predict her movement is far too hard and time consuming. If this is not done in time she will send out a wave of flies at you to throw you off and do a small amount of damage, nothing fatal but very annoying and will mess up your rhythm.

Once she has taken enough damage the cut scene will take you to the spiral staircase, DO NOT attempt to rake up some damage while she’s there just keep running to the top and quickly grab the ammo from the vases and wait for her to come to you, once she’s broken through fire away with your shotgun, shooting her enough times correctly will stagger her allowing for an extra few pop-offs that will lead to her demise.

Hide and Seek Master

This will most likely be the easiest since you don’t have weapons.

With this Boss it all comes down to memory, if you can remember all her hiding spots you’ll do good.

Her first hiding spot is always on the second floor inside the room in front of the dresser.

  • The next one changes up a bit and she has two plausible places for her to hide.
  • The one I’ve most likely found her in was in between the wooden railing and the couch
  • If she’s not there you can just restart and she might be there since her spots are random.

The last and final one is either near the elevator or on the right hallway to the front door, she’ll be at the end of the hall. You can sometimes tell where she went from the blood stains she’ll leave.

Just remember her hiding spots and your golden.


This one is impossible on higher difficulties so do this one in casual

I would also urgently suggest you get a magnum with max power and rate of fire and something for ammo capacity if possible. Bombs are also essential for this so make sure you have plenty of mines.

Before you start place some mines down ahead of time so when he crawls over he’ll be staggered allowing free shots. Then when he pops out hit him with any kind of grenade stunning him.

Stunning him will show his white body from his mouth, hit this to do TRIPLE damage to the boss, however this does not mean hitting his body is also essential, so shoot him whenever you can, preferably in his white body. If he barfs at you just restart since it’ll waste very precious time.

If Moreau gets on the roof just do what you can and fire mag bullets in him while under a roof to get in some last second damage. If he gets off you’ve taken too long and should start over.

There’s only so much he should be able to do in one minute so there isn’t much to list.


I would suggest using a magnum or the F2 rifle for the second phase, other then that your fine as weapons go.

This first phase requires you to just aim at the right places, there are three main points that glow reddish orange, just keep your machine gun steadily aimed at them and you’ll stagger him once destroyed. Once all three are destroyed he’ll spawn in new ones so to save time keep your aim on the last one destroyed since they re spawn in the same places.

Don’t use your rockets until he charges at you with his buzz saw, once he’s close enough aim the rocket at the nearest weak point and you’ll blast him to the end of the arena, effectively avoiding his attack. He can occasionally use scrap to make a giant arm and swipe you with it, if you see him doing such be cautious as it’s also the move that brings you into a cut scene, so don’t waste the rocket.

He’ll eventually make a force field from metal walls, a fourth weak spot will spawn on his head, shoot this enough and the plates will be sent away somewhere in the ground.

  • Once you’ve destroyed his weak points enough, he’ll sluggishly wander around trying to recover, i’m not sure if this helps but try to shoot the white glowing battery near the front of him.
  • He’ll bring you into a cut scene where he puts you to his face, make sure your rocket is saved for this point so you don’t have to shoot him a lot to go to the next scene.

Once that’s done you’ll have to use the F2 rifle or magnum to now shoot his face, do not shoot the usual weak spots, just spot the fleshy part of his face and shoot there enough times to stagger him, preventing any damage taken.

The next cut scene ends the fight so don’t worry about aiming your hit.

Final Note

It will make doing these so much easier after getting fully upgraded weapons, even though these aren’t real achievements, they give you a decent amount of CP so i’d suggest doing them.

Also get the finest fish meal that increases your speed, that will also help you out a lot for the first two boss fights.

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