Ostriv – First Build Guide

Sort of like a very early stage of building guide.

Guide to Build

First build guide to keep all of your original town folks

  1. Pause the game before you do anything.
  2. Make sure to place the Lumber yard as close as possible to the trees.
  3. Plan ahead is the key here.
  4. Make sure you put clay pits yes not just one but at least 2 near where you are planning on building it does help a lot when they don’t have to run all the way other side of the town to get the clay. It will save your villagers time 🙂
  5. Put rest of the buildings near your lumber mill and your clay pits it wont look pretty but you should have everything done by the end of November. The priority is your housing and the Lumber yard build smithy and thatcher but remember to keep your game paused till you are happy with the lay of the land.
  6. Then just look at them go being all busy little bees.
  7. I hope this helped and this is how i got through saving all of my original townies.

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