HELLDIVERS – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Helldivers game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Use your map repeatedly to watch out for patrols (little red circles) – avoid them, or if you can’t avoid them, then do your best to bring the big guy down immediately. If you’re fast enough they won’t hit the alert, and you’ll have a hassle free time.
  • Early on the chaingun turret seems like it’s invaluable for defending locations, just watch out for the indiscriminate targeting – if something is on the other side of you and it, hit the deck before it shoots you up.
  • You can find any difficulty of planet regardless of which sector you go for, so if you’re hunting for unlocks check what each planet in each sector has first. If you’re just going for xp you can mash the daily event a bit for double.
  • Generally speaking one of your strategems should be a one-time-use weapon, pop it at the start of the map to increase the number of weapons you’ve got on you.
  • The biggest thing that’s hard to pick up on sometimes is how scouts and enemy attention works. Basically when you start a map the game seeds scout groups all over the map, with more weighted near objectives. This is why dropping into an area far from objectives tends to start you without any scouts nearby.

Scouts are attracted to a few things. Firing your weapon attracts scouts from a short distance, calling in stratagems attracts scouts from a medium distance, activating objectives attracts scouts from a long distance, and extracting from the map seems to attract scouts from an infinite distance. If a scout sees a Helldiver or Helldiver vehicle, it’ll set off the alarm and then the fun starts.

So how do you avoid setting off alarms? Obviously killing scouts before they can alarm is the main way. I’ve generally found that the attraction from firing your weapons is negligible, so when attempting stealth, if you’re not sure whether you should shoot or not, always shoot. The main downside to killing scouts is that killing a scout group spawns another scout group somewhere on the map, possibly in an inconvenient location. This may or may not be an issue depending on where your objectives are.

The attraction beacon stratagem doesn’t attract scouts from an infinite distance (but it is a pretty long distance). What it does have is it seems to have infinite priority over all other attraction sources. Throwing an attraction beacon a few screens away from an objective will usually cause all the scouts to home in on it and leave you in peace while you complete the objective, even if they’re within the objective’s attraction radius. Be aware that even upgraded attraction beacons don’t last long enough to keep the scouts busy for an end-of-mission extraction timer.

Here’s a big one: scouts only set off alarms if they see a Helldiver or a Helldiver vehicle. Scouts do not set off alarms if they see a turret, even though the turret will happily shred them to bits. A very good way to extract easily is to throw an attraction beacon a few screens away from the extraction point, start the extraction, throw a (preferably upgraded) minigun turret so that it lands between the extraction point and your distraction beacon, and then move the camera so that your turret is just on the edge of your screen. After the attraction beacon wears off, all the scouts will immediately run towards your extraction point because it’s the only other thing attracting their attention on the map. Before they reach you, they will encounter your turret, which will proceed to shoot the shit out of every last one before they ever get on your screen or set off any alarm. At this point scouts will respawn all over the map and begin to make their way towards you, but by the time more than a couple get in range you’ll be about ready to extract. You can solo difficulty 12 Helldives once you know how scouts and stealth works, but it’s kind of complicated and difficult to figure out on your own, so I hope this helps!

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