Guilty Gear Strive – How to Play Anji Mito

This is a light guide on how to play Anji Mito. I am not a professional on this game whatsoever but I don’t see any actual guides on how to play characters, so I’ll give you just that.

Anji Mito Guide

All credit goes to Larry Newban!

How To Know What I’m Saying

Some of you might not know the numerical input system to Guilty Gear Strive, so what I did was add the system here. Also RC = Roman Cancel, and RRC = Red Roman Cancel, YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel, etc;. also j. = jump and c. = crouching. That should help you throughout this guide:

Strong Points & Weak Points

Strong points

  • Excellent Pressure to the opponent (use Fuujin like how you use air (a lot)).
  • Guard Point (236K or Quarter-Circle Forward Kick) can get you some nasty punishes.
  • High conversion pickup rate.
  • Tons of options for literally anything.
  • Very flexible.

Weak Points

  • Struggles with dependence of gimmicks (basically very hard to do some tricky ♥♥♥).
  • Bad momentum.
  • Pray for your meter (reliance on your meter and red roman cancel combos).
  • Bad defense.
  • bad weakness to reversals.

How To Play Anji

  • Play patiently (if you dont you ♥♥♥ die).
  • you can find openings to combos with some very reliant inputs, like 6H,2S,5S, and GP (probably more but idk).
  • Capitalize on whiffs/mistakes harder than what the other countries did to germany in the treaty of versailles.
  • Only use butterfly move (Can’t say the actual move) (236P or Quarter-Circle Forward Punch) when fullscreen or mid (you’ll be able to cover behind the butterfly when you run towards the enemy, adding pressure and maybe saving your life if they try to use a projectile against you.)
  • When in front of your opponent you can use a number of inputs to add pressure to your opponent, like 5K,2K,c.S, and 6H are pretty nice.
  • Delay some inputs when doing combos with Anji (like delay 5K/6K when doing a 236K RRC 5K 236K).
  • Mix Fuujin followups when pressuring an opponent (make em think).
  • Actually use throw.
  • 5K/6K can lead into a gatling combo and can lead into the butterfly move.

Guard Point

Guard Point (or 236K) will be your second most used move, besides Fuujin. How it functions is quite simple, like how you can punish high and low attacks, or how it can punish heavy normals and can even counter 236K,236S, and 236H for almost all character IF you can use it at the right time. It’s quick on whiff and can never be punished because you can block frame 0 right after the move doesn’t counter


Meterless (Basic) Combos

  • 236H (Blocked) > H 5K 236H > K
  • 2K/5K 2D 236S
  • 5D (HOLD) > delay j.H j.D > FJC > j.P j.K j.S j.HS j.HS
  • 5P 6P 236H > K

Counterhit Combos

  • 5H 236H (Charged) > K c.S 5H/2H 236H > H 5K 236H
  • 236H (Blocked) > H c.S 2H 236S j.D c.S 5H 236H

Metered Combos

  • c.S 5H 236H > S > RRC > c.S 2H 236H > H 5H
  • c.S 5H 236H > S > RRC > c.S 2H 236S (Charged)
  • 236S > FRRC > c.S 5H 236H > H 5K 236H
  • 5P 6P 236H > FRRC > c.S 2H 236H > H 5H

Corner Only Combo(s)

  • 236H (Blocked) > H 5K 236H > H 5K 236H > H

These are not all the combos anji has, just a basic setup.

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