Endless Horde – How to Unlock All Equipment

This article explains how to unlock all equipment and units in the game.

All Equipment Guide (How to Unlock)


To unlock all equipment you’ll need to things:

  • Experience to unlock units and equipment.
  • Currency to buy them.

Fortunately these values are stored in the Windows registry. To change them you need registry editor.

Steps to Unlock

Steps are below:

First of all start the game at least once and play a little to create records in registry.

  • Close the game.
  • Start registry editor by pressing Win+R combination and then type regedit in opened window.
  • In Windows Registry editor press F3 or find the “Search” item in menu.
  • Type “Ominous Entertainment” to find game by the studio name. In my case full path is:
    “ComputerHKEY_USERSS-1-5-21-202816088-3765021773-456009504-1001SOFTWAREOminous Entertainment”

  • Select Endless Horde sub-item in items tree. On right part of window will be shown game registry options.
  • Double-click on item which starts from “Currency_” string. In my case full name of item was ”Currency_h458771522″, in your case it may ends with another symbols.
  • In opened window select “Decimal” instead of “Hexadecimal” and type amount of money. The 50,000 should be enough. The press “OK” to save new value.

  • Then find item which name starts with “Level_” (in my case it was “Level_h218262515”) and enter decimal “18” value in the same way for previous.
  • All is done.

Now start the game, select “Equipment” and buy all unlocked items and units:

Written by Yurick

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