Superliminal – How to Unlock Both Secret Rooms (Dollhouse)

This guide will show you how to unlock two secret rooms in Dollhouse (level 4).

Secret Rooms Guide

How to Get It

In order to get the two rooms you will have to find all the blueprints scattered across the game. Once all of the blueprints are found, head to the fourth chapter of the game titled “dollhouse”. take a left when you see the cork board with all the blueprints on it and you will see two newly opened doors.

Inside The Rooms

Warning! Minor spoilers!

Inside the first room will be a bed, a few avocados, and a radio that plays a new message from Dr. Glen Pierce. In the second room across the hall from the first, it will be dark with pipes along the walls and around you as well as another message from Dr. Glen Pierce on a radio.

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