Blaster Master Zero 2 – 100% Achievement Guide

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How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to 冰霜之孤狼1993!

The web of destruction

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Planet Flosante.

Sophia warp

Requirements: Use Fred’s dimensional warp function to return to Gaia-Sophia.

When Jason leaves Gaia-Sophia, open the weapon select screen, and choose the frog icon

The mountain of chaos

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Planet Montoj.

The metal guardian

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Space Ship L-229.

Nora MA-06

Requirements: Defeat the Nora MA-06 Eir

The Planet Destroyer

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Platenoid E-3.

Nora MA-03

Requirements: Defeat the Nora MA-03 Atom

The dimensional glutton

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Planet Divido.

The nomad berserker

Requirements: Defeat the Area G version of Leibniz.

The parasitic death star

Requirements: Defeat the end stage boss at Area G.

Beyond the Furthest Reaches

Requirements: Fully watched the story cutscene of True Ending.

Cannot be unlocked in Copen mode (no associated story cutscene)

Strongest in the Universe

Requirements: Collect every single upgrade item the game offers.

A tricky achievement to meet, you must collect very single upgrade item you can get before entering Planet G as you can’t go back to outside area once you have met the True Ending route. The HP upgrade after entering Area Ω as Eve also counts in the 100% collection.

There’re several narrow mazes that you must pay full attention to grab ladders, but luckily they’re not unforgivable hard as other Inti Creates games such as Curse of the Moon 2.

Cannot be unlocked in Copen mode (Copen cannot collect HP upgrades at Area Ω)

Dumb spud!

Requirements: Trample 40% of the plantation before fighting Gonbei in the dungeon he’s located.

In theory it can be triggered simultaneously with Achievement #15 THE LEGENDARY TAKEYARI MASTER, but your HP management must be precise as if you lose against Gonbei, all the crops will be resurrected and you must Trample them all over again.

A Future Out of Reach

Requirements: Fully watched the story cutscene of Bad Ending.

Cannot be triggered in Copen mode (Copen has no story elements and is forced to enter the True final area)

The legendary takeyari master

Requirements: Defeat the fully powered Gonbei.

The toughest Achievement in this game. You must trample all the plantation before fighting Gonbei, and you can’t lose against him, otherwise all the all the plantation would be resurrected and you must trample them all over again before the next chance to challenge him..

G vs G

Requirements: In the Garuda fight at Area D, use effective weapons to counter each of Garuda’s attacks, activate Garuda’s full enhancement flag.

  1. When Garuda places several blue orb things in the sky, use Hexa Missiles to crush every single blue orb.
  2. When Garuda return to screen and in cooldown time, use A-cluster and Hexa Missiles to hit itself.
  3. When Garuda leaves the screen and ready to launch streams of homing lasers, use Impact Wave to block homing lasers.
  4. When Garuda is about to reach low ground and try to crush you, place the Repulsion Upper weapon on the ground, Garuda will be struck by the bouncing ground mine and there’s a visible stunned animation to indicate the weakness.

It’s more complicated than other Achievements, and it’s recommended to leave a save file before this fight.

Nora MA-07

Requirements: After activated Achievement #16 G vs G, defeat the fully powered up version of Garuda at the final fight against it.

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