CyberSex 2069 – How to Get All My Young Millenial Maid Endings

My Young Millenial Maid Endings Guide

All credit goes to Akhlys!


  • In this sub-game, you have tree stats, assertiveness, tenderness and charm.
  • The target is to max out any of the stats by 6PM.
  • Every stat has two time slots where there are two questions for it, one giving double the points. You need to hit both of the double-point-ones.

Excuse the censoring, steam doesn’t allow you to turn it off even in adult only games..

Faithful Ending

Reach full plums by 7PM without bedding the maid.

Easiest to do by just doing any of the other endings and then denying her.

Assertiveness Ending

Basically, be a rich jerk.

  • 1PM: I was trying to think of a good pickup line, maybe we just ♥♥♥ instead (double points)?
  • 2PM: Why would I clean them if I’m just going to ♥♥♥ on them again?
  • 3PM: I was thinking you could “fix” my ♥♥♥ right now.
  • 4PM: Melony, shouldn’t you get “busy” with my ♥♥♥ (double points)?
  • 5PM: I’m pretty sure you’re getting wet thinking about my ♥♥♥ in you.
  • 6PM: You’d look a lot better with my ♥♥♥ on your face.

Tenderness Ending

Basically, be a proper gent, mostly.

  • 1PM: Sorry about that, where are my manners?
  • 2PM: Are you cleaning Ivy’s clothes for me, thank you.
  • 3PM: I appreciate all your help with this. (double points)
  • 4PM: I didn’t mean to make you nervous, Melonie. Sorry about that.
  • 5PM: Should I get a towel to dry you off? (double points)
  • 6PM: If it doesn’t bother you, yes I do.

Charm Ending

Basically, suggestively flirt.

  • 1PM: Please excuse me, I was enjoying the view.
  • 2PM: I’ll be sure to clean and fold your clothes with the best of care (double points).
  • 3PM: It’s becoming difficult for me to ignore you…
  • 4PM: Watching you inspires me in ways that words can’t communicate.
  • 5PM: Watching you wash my clothes has a similar effect on me.
  • 6PM: I don’t just like it, I lust for it (double points).
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