Solasta Crown of the Magister – Feats List

Feats List

This is a quick list of each of the optional feats in the game that can be chosen at level up instead of taking a straight bonus to your ability scores:

  • Ambidextrous: +1 Dexterity, can wield non-light weapons in both hands.
  • Armor Master: +1 AC while wearing any armor.
  • Creed of Arun: +1 Constitution, proficiency in constitution saves, or +1 if already proficient.

Note: The in-game description of Creed of Arun is currently incorrect, and is a copy of Ambidextrous, but the actual effect is the same as the other creeds, just for constitution.

  • Creed of Einar: +1 Strength, proficiency in strength saves, or +1 if already proficient.
  • Creed of Maraike: +1 Wisdom, proficiency in wisdom saves, or +1 if already proficient.
  • Creed of Misaye: +1 Dexterity, proficiency in dexterity saves, or +1 if already proficient.
  • Creed of Pakri: +1 Intelligence, proficiency in intelligence saves, or +1 if already proficient.
  • Creed of Solasta: +1 Charisma, proficiency in charisma saves, or +1 if already proficient.
  • Discretion of the Coedymwarth: +1 Dexterity, proficiency with light armor, shortbows, shortswords and longbows.
  • Eager for Battle: +1 Dexterity, advantage on initiative rolls.
  • Enduring Body: +1 Constitution, +1 hit point per level (does act retroactively as well).
  • Flawless Concentration: Advantage on concentration checks, auto-succeed if damage was 10 or less (spellcasting ability required).
  • Focused Sleeper: +1 Constitution, only need 4 hours to sleep for a long rest.
  • Follow-up Strike: After attacking with a two-handed weapon, can make a bonus action attack for 1d4 + strength modifier damage with the same weapon.
  • Hard to Kill: Advantage on death saves, regain one hit die when you stabilize and two hit die if you roll a nat20 on a death save.
  • Hauler: +1 Strength, double carrying capacity (13 strength required).
  • Lock Breaker: Advantage on lockpicking checks, proficiency with thieves’ tools or expertise if already proficient (13 dexterity required).
  • Manipulator: Gain proficiency in persuasion, intimidation and deception, or expertise if already proficient (13 charisma required).
  • Master Alchemist: Half the successes required to create a potion, expertise on checks to make potions, and unknown potions are automatically identified (13 intelligence required).
  • Master Enchanter: Half the successes required to enchant an item and expertise on checks to enchant an item (spellcasting ability required).
  • Might of the Iron Legion: +1 Strength, proficiency with heavy armor, longswords, greatswords and battleaxes (medium armor proficiency required).
  • Powerful Cantrip: If an enemy saves against your cantrip or you miss an attack roll with your cantrip, the enemy still takes half damage (spellcasting ability required).
  • Raise Shield: Proficiency with shields, can gain +3 AC as a reaction to an attack that would hit you.
  • Robust: +1 Constitution, when rolling hit die to recover hit points, roll twice and take the higher roll (13 constitution required).
  • Rush to Battle: As a bonus action, gain 3 squares of movement and -2 AC until next turn.
  • Sturdiness of the Tundra: +1 Constitution, proficiency with medium armor, warhammers, light crossbows and heavy crossbows (light armor proficiency required).
  • Take Aim: As a bonus action, cause all ranged attacks to be made at neutral, regardless of situational advantage or disadvantage.
  • Twin Blade: While dual wielding, can gain +3 AC as a reaction to an attack that would hit you.
  • Uncanny Accuracy: +1 Dexterity, ranged attacks now ignore 1/2 and 3/4 cover.

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