Left 4 Dead 2 – Obtaining Z-Genocidest 2: Episode 2 Achievement

Getting the Left 4 Dead 2 achievement solo, on a default map, default mutation.

Obtaining Z-Genocidest 2: Episode 2 Achievement (No Cheats, No Mods) in Detail

So You Want to Get This Achievement without Cheats or Mods?

Let’s start with choosing the mutation.

Go to:

  • Mutations > Change the mutation > Chainsaw Massacre > Single player 

Now choosing the map:

  • Dead Center > 2: The Streets > Easy 

Getting to The Shop

You start off with a chainsaw and three incredibly dumb bots. That’s alright, you just have to keep them close, as you can encounter Witch or Special Infected, which means when you die, you will have to start again. Therefore only bots can save you. Problem is they don’t have a guns, so their stupidity will be showing up.

So, you pick up a chainsaw and a first aid. Don’t panic if you see a Spitter, a Witch or a Tank, they are very easy to kill on EASY difficulty :). Watch out for the Jockeys, Chargers, Hunters and Smokers, because when they get you, the probabilty that the bot will help you is very low. If you see a Boomer let him spit at you – it will spawn a wave of zombies, which will help you with your score.

Pick up Pipe Bombs, Boomer Biles, Pills. You can use the first two ones immediatly, as CEDA Agents will occasionaly drop Boomer Biles. Use Adrenaline right away, so you will get to the shop quicker. Do not pick up Molotovs – they are hard to control and can hurt you by accident, they are not worth it. If you don’t have place for the Pills, give them to one of the bots, they can carry it for you.

The Afking Grind

When you get to the gun shop – click the button and rush to the doors of the shop with Cola. Open the doors.

Use these commands (if you want) for every bot that doesn’t have first aid kit.

  • kick Rochelle 
  • kick Coach 
  • kick Nick 
  • kick Ellis 

If you don’t want to use commands or every bot has an aid, skip this step.

Open them and GET BACK TO THE GUN SHOP. Staying in the Cola shop is uneffective, as many zombies come from a few sides and Specials spawn occasionaly, which can be the problem after we get rid of the bots.

Bots will often stay in one place, not cooperating. You can kick them, or just ignore them, as long as other bots don’t come to them. If they do, get back for them and help them with zombies.

In the gun shop again, click Esc and vote for Expert mode. Kill remaining bots (in the shop), so you have quick access to their aids. After they fall, change the difficulty to Easy.

Now get on the top of the boxes in the corner and adjust the gunpoint more or less like on the picture. (The center should be somewhere near the end of the counter).

It will give the chainsaw range wide enough to kill all of the upcoming zombies.

Final Tips

  • You can insert +attack command in console if you want to truly afk, just check your hp from time to time. To undo it insert -attack.
  • If you use the above tip – to pick up an aid, change to Boomer Bile, it wont throw itself. Klick Esc after the character makes a swing motion.
  • Use aid kit under 15 – 10 hp.
  • If you need your chainsaw to load immediatly after healing, click right mouse button.
  • Use saved pills.
  • If the bots really won’t follow you to the gun shop, go back even further, there is a high chance they will teleport.
  • You have additional 4 aid kits in the gun shop, so if you check your hp often you will be able to afk for a few hours.
  • Collect Boomer bile and throw it, when the waves of zombies will pause, it will create additional minihordes.
  • Special Infected won’t spawn here, so you don’t have to be afraid about them getting you. Although, they may appear in the beginning.

I had about 27k kills when I started doing this achievement and right now I have 49 286 kills. So i got about 23k kills in 2 days ( about 2.5 hours a day?). I find it most efficient way of doing this achievement without “cheating”.

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