PAYDAY 2 – Thinking Ahead Achievement Guide (Ukrainian Prisoner Heist)

This guide will show you how to get the new Thinking Ahead achievement in the Ukrainian Prisoner heist.

Thinking Ahead Achievement Guide

How To, The Map & What to Know

To get the achievement you need to do some steps, it is best you play from the start of the heist, loud & stealth both work.

This Achievement Can Be Done On Any Difficulty!

Do these things in this order to unlock the achievement:

  1. Find & press the button in the first area – Red square on the map below
  2. Find & press the button of the second area – Yellow square on the map below
  3. Find & press the button of the third area – Green square on the map below
  4. Head to the secret location & bag all loot – Blue square on the map below, entrypoint marked with an arrow
  5. Secure all 10 bags of secret loot & escape

In every area there will only be one button you need to press, making it three buttons total.

Use the provided map & images to find these buttons.

Ground Floor:

Top Floor Warehouse:

Locations: First Area (Warehouse)

Button 1 – Upper floor, on the balcony railing – outside part:

Button 2 – On the stairway beams leading to the upstairs offices:

Button 3 – Upper floor, inside the storage room under a storage rack:

Button 4 – Outside under cover, near the entrance of the compount, you have jump from those boxes to reach it:

Button 5 – Next to the door leading to the office stairway behind some boxes:

Locations: Second Area (Container Yard)

Button 1 – When you open the security gate, head to the red containers on your left, go inside:

Button 2 – Outside, in the foot of a red container:

Button 3 – Inside the lonely greenish container:

Locations: Third Area (Harbor Office)

Button 1 – Ground floor, on the stairway beam leading to the harbor office rooms:

Button 2 – Ground floor, under the tiny stairway next to the big gate leading to the docks:

Entering The Secret Loot Area

Once you have pressed all three buttons, a multi-colored container next to the extraction zone will be interactable:

Open it and proceed to the hidden area, in there you will need to jump on several obstacles to reach a container that is sitting higher than you:

Inside that container will be sitting 10 lootbags, secure them in the Escape Boat, complete the heist and the achievement is yours.

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