Minute of Islands – 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide I will show you all the achievements you can unlock in Minute of Islands. Be aware that this guide contains spoilers, so if you’d rather find and unlock the achievements yourself, better get out now

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Isabelloney!

Chapter Achievements

Unlock these achievements by completing each chapter.

Save Safan

  • Complete Chapter 1.

Save Bergan

  • Complete Chapter 2.

Save Ande

  • Complete Chapter 3.

Into the sea

  • Complete Chapter 4.

Memory Achievements

Unlock these achievements by collecting all memories on each Island.

Memories are found all over the Island, if you’ve found a memory, you’re asked to press ‘F’ to activate it. Jump into them to collect them. You can see your progress when pressing ‘ESC’

Remembering Bewwa

  • Gather all memories on the Island of Bewwa.

Remembering Heima

  • Gather all memories on the Island of Heima.

Remembering Leuhsa

  • Gather all memories on the Island of Leuhsa.

Remembering Memorfesti

  • Gather all memories on the Island of Memorfesti.

Remembering Ardi

  • Gather all memories on the Island of Ardi.


Get these achievements by meeting certain requirements or doing special tasks.


  • Start your journey.

For Granny

  • Keep your promise.

A new journey

  • Leave the Archipelago.


  • Find all hidden underground chambers.

Remember Miri’s song

  • Fetch all notes from Miri’s Song.

The one that runs away

  • Guide Fridolin back to the house.

No thief

  • Leave the stolen key with its owner.

100% Achievement

  • Unlock this achievement by unlocking all the available achievements in the game.

Sentimental fool

  • Obtain all Minute of Islands achievements.
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