YangBo Adventure – Complete Walkthrough Guide

An in depth walkthrough on how to beat the game YangBo Adventure.

How to Beat the Game

Top Level – Breakout

The first level in the top is an easy level. you move around with the left and right arrow keys and space to shoot. there are 3 sections to the level. Cookie, Sushi, and Soda.

In Cookie you have to shoot 20 cookies, which can be easily achieved by strafing left and right to avoid the cookies, while shooting as fast as you can. Watch out for the sides of your ship, that’s your weakest part.

In Sushi you have to hit the big sushi roll 30 times, without being hit once. Sushi moves around constantly, spits out smaller sushi, and moves off the screen rapidly. A good tactic is to just shoot as fast as you can, while making sure you don’t get hit by the smaller sushi. Just focus on staying alive, and you’ll beat this section.

In Soda, you have to hit the soda 30 times, again, without getting hit. this boss moves left and right and shoots small green projectiles that have small hitboxes. This boss will move left to right for a while, then settle in a place and slow down. Then he’ll descend and move slowly towards you. A good tactic is to shoot where he’s going to be in this section. after he’s went far enough near the bottom, he’ll start to shoot alot of projectiles from the ceiling. At this stage you have to get lucky, and finish the boss as fast as you can.

Top Right Level – Maze

This level is a maze in which you have to find 5 art pieces. The maze is quite simple and most art pieces can be seen just walking through.

Right Level – Platformer

This level is a sequence of jumps that are all quite easy to make with some timing. Don’t forget that you can run with shift.

Bottom Right Level – Fruit Ninja

This level is similar to fruit ninja. You just need to click on the viruses, to get to a score of 2000, each virus giving you 100 points, and each wrong click losing 50 points, all within’ a miniute.

Bottom – Quiz

This level is very hard if you don’t speak chinese. Basically, guess each question until you get it right.

Bottom Left – Robot

This level is really simple, push as many robot pieces (the blue pieces) into the portals within’ the time limit.

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