Dead by Daylight – How to Get Hemophobia Achievement

Today in this quick and cohesive tutorial, I shall teach you how to easily get the achievement Hemophobia! Anyone can do this with ease, especially Dwight mains!

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The Strategy

The strategy is simple, Hide & Bye!


I think this part is easy and understandable enough, simply hide and be a complete burden on your team & an elusive myth of a survivor for the killer! Avoid being seen at all costs, once you’ve been found it’s practically over and you might as well wait for the next time you play on Asylum.

Ways To Hide

  • Lockers – Lockers are always splattered across the trial area, just find one and hop in, and hope you’re not against an avid locker checker or huntress! 
  • Camouflage – If lockers aren’t going to work out, or you lose track of time in a locker, simply try and blend in with your surroundings! Since you have to be on Asylum to get this achievement, simply play characters that have greenish cosmetics to better blend with the walls and gloom air! 
  • Shadowing – If you’re certain and confident in your ability to shadow the killer during the match while remaining out of his line of sight, you may want to attempt this strategy! This is a top tier strat because if you’re always behind the killer, they’ll never see you! Unless you quick vault, or fall in their traps, or go mad from shock therapy…

Do not just sit in one place all game or you will be found from the AFK crows that spawn!

Periodically move around the map, blend in with your environment as much as you can, and always move away from the killer! (Unless shadowing of course).


This part is simple in itself, if you don’t care about any points, team morale & being trashed talked at the end of the trial, simple ditch your teammates, say bye, and be a useless lone wolf!

Simply don’t do anything all game! Don’t do generators! Don’t save teammates! Don’t even heal teammates!

Now this part is more optional and up to you, you really shouldn’t just ignore everything and be a burden to your team, but at the same time, if you’re just going for that sweet, sweet achievement, avoiding the actions that would cause you to be found is the prime way to do so.

I encourage you to help teammates when it’s absolutely safe however, meaning when you know exactly where the killer is, you’re alert to skill checks, or if the killer is simply chasing and tunneling one person.


Repition is key to unlocking this achievement with ease!

Simply redo all the above steps until you actually get the achievement!


After all this hard work, you might have gotten the achievement, and if not, don’t worry, I don’t have it either, I pulled all these ideas out of nowhere, though, in theory it should work, I think, maybe.

Update: I actually got the achievement after following my own advice so do what you will.

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