Pacify – Beat the Game Developer III Achievement Guide (Speedrun Walkthrough)

How to easily speedrun the game and get the Beat the game developer III achievement.

Speedrun Guide

How to Win Solo

So here’s me winning the game in less than 13 minutes.

You don’t want to watch 13 minutes of gameplay? Me neither so here is how to win in 2mn of reading to get this shiny achievement:

So first step:

  • You can start walking when the game is loading, few free seconds for you.
  • Get the gate key: check the kitchen and then the lounge (where the big music thing is) if it’s not here it(s in the toy room.

  • Get the house key: go upstairs, check the bed, the 2 bathroom, and the two tiny rooms and take witch hair as well.

6 witch hair at this location.

  • Leave the house by the kitchen to go to the dogs park.
  • Get the garden shears behind it.

  • Take a rose if you see one: since the witch is not actived yet, take one far away from the house as possible to save good rose spots for later.
  • Open the gate to release the dogs.
  • Go back in front of the house, go left for a doll.
  • Enter the house and immediate left.
  • Open the cellar, enchant your first doll.

Now we repeat it each time:

  • Leave the basement.
  • Go upstairs and take a witch hair (6 really close, 2 in the bathtub, 4 near the bed).

For the last 4: 2 in the kitchen (in front when you leave the toy room). 2 in the lounge (next to the music thing). No need to go take the witch hair really far on the second floor, you just waste time for nothing.

  • Leave left when leaving upstairs, go to the entrance of the map for the dog.
  • Go straight in the house and straight to the twig doll cemetery.

Dont take the 3 closest dolls, leave them for the end of the game where the witch will be super aggressive.

  • Go back to the house, immediate left and enchant a doll.

Try to remember where the roses are on your path when the witch will start to hunt you (usually around 5-6 dolls left).

  • Repeat it.

Keep the 3 invisibility potions for the last 2 or 3 dolls (2 to be safe, 3 to be risky but faster if you’re speedrunning). They last exactly 1 minute: you can use a timer to know when they will wear off and the witch can hit you. Take them after pinning a doll on the wall, the spell last 10 seconds, you don’t want the mto be wasted.

Keep the speed potions when the witch is active but not too dangerous so around 6 to 3 dolls left. Because they only last 30 seconds so it will usually wear off when you’re back in the house.

And that’s it!

When the last doll is left the witch will be in her basement next to the big cauldron just click her and bring her to the van or lake!


  • Keep the closest dolls and witch hair for the end of the game when a few seconds is the difference between life and death.
  • Keep the invisibility potion for the end of the game (1mn of you unkillable, really op).
  • Learn the route basement-upstairs-entrance-cemetery to do it as fast as possible.
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