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Zero Hour - Boot Camp Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

Written by zzcold   /   Updated: June 19, 2021    

This guide explains the most efficient method to get the Boot Camp Achievement in Zero Hour.

How to Obtain Boot Camp Achievement

Earn Achievement

Background Info

  • The Boot Camp achievement is earned by completing the training ground maze in less than 40 seconds.

Step 1: Prepare

  • Your first few times you would want to memorize the maze, since all the targets are always in the same place. Load up into a training ground and run through the maze.

Step 2: Weapon Selection

  • In order to get the best time you would want to use the Mac 10 and the Mock 17, because these weapons allow you to run the fastest.

Step 3: Try Completing the Race

  • Now that you have the best weapons and the maze memorized, you want to practice. Run through the maze and try to get a good time. It will take multiple attempts in order to get a time less than 40 seconds.


  • Before doing the maze, make sure your stamina is full.
  • Before doing the maze, make sure your speed is at the top so you run the fastest.
  • During the maze, run and shoot close to the targets, this will make hitting the targets easier, wasting less ammo.
  • Towards the end of the maze if you run out of ammo for the Mac 10, switch to your Mock 17 and clean up the last targets.
  • Once you get a time that is 40 seconds or less leave back to the menu and you have earned the achievement.

Written by zzcold.

Game:   Zero Hour