Muck – How to Defeat Gronk (Early Game)

How to defeat Gronk, the currently hardest boss in the game, early! Nothing higher than steel is needed!

Guide to Beat Gronk the Boss

The Tools

Gronk, the hardest boss in the game can be a game end for many people. I personally don’t have a personal opinion on gronk, because he is easy to defeat.

The first time i killed gronk I used a steel pickaxe, with full steel armor.

I would recommend getting a steel sword or a steel axe to override that, but a pickaxe will work. Just more caution.

Make sure to always have atleast some food that can heal you, more or less the red mushrooms that you can find on the ground in forests or really anywhere.

The Powerups & Health Needed

I would recommend, 1 crimson dagger, 2-3 janniks frogs, 2 blue pills, 2-4 dumbbells, and maybe 1 or 2 sneakers.

Blue pills are optional but pretty useful.

You most definitely need 200 health or more. It’ll be a lot harder without the janniks frogs but still possible

The dumbbells make it a lot easier but are optional.

How to Defeat Gronk

  • Whenever he starts doing his sword barrage, double jump into the air a few times and then go behind him.
  • Whenever he starts throwing his swords literally dodge them they are so easy to evade.
  • When he starts to make those hologram lookin swords and shoot em at you double jump in the air behind him so you dont get hit.
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