Shadow Warrior – Tips to Complete the Game (Insane Difficulty)

Just few tips to complete the game at insane difficulty.

Useful Tips to Beat the Game

Give the Demons Some Wang

  1. Aim for head. Use katana most of the time.
  2. Use ‘Divider of Heavens’. More damage.
  3. Unlock all ‘Katana Mastery’ powers. ‘Aswang hunger’ first. Helps in regeneration
  4. Unlock ‘Peacocks blessing’ (very important).Low on health? Dash away like hell while healing.
  5. Dashing > Running in combat.
  6. Collect money. Don’t upgrade pistol. pistol useful at first. ♥♥♥ later.
  7. Shot gun. Cool. But ♥♥♥.
  8. Crossbow. Very handy. Upgrade to full.
  9. Rocket launcher. Highest damage. Useful in boss fights. Upgrade to full.
  10. Boss fight. Grindy. Not difficult.
  11. Dying repeatedly. It’s oK. You can do it.

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