Graveyard Keeper – Brutal Fisherman Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Brutal Fisherman Achievement

Brutal fisherman achievement

  • Caught 200 fish. Your name is used to terrify misbehaving fish larvae.


I was becoming exhausted with the 200 fish achievement and made a macro which seemed to have pretty decent reliability. I was able to let it run and before I finished “The Sword in the Stone” I had caught 180 or so fish.

I use a logitech mouse, and the logitec software suite has a decent little macro option in it.

I set one of the buttons on “loop” then cycled “E” inputs.

The cycles went as such: {Ed = E Key Down | Eu = E Key U (Release)}

  • Ed = 50ms
  • Eu = 50ms
  • Ed = 50ms
  • Eu = 14500ms (14.5s)
  • Ed = 50ms
  • Eu = 50ms
  • Ed = 95ms
  • Eu = 100ms
  • Ed = 5000ms (5s)
  • Eu = 1000ms

I did all the fishing at the river spot near the quarry, using the expert rod with no bait. It really streamlined this achievement. It’s by no means perfect, but it did a heck of a job on getting it done. I didn’t experience much for hickups that “toggling it off and on again” didn’t solve for me.

Here Fishy Fishy?

Logitech Key Strokes

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