Conan Exiles – How to Craft Iron Tools / Weapons

This guide will show you how to craft iron tools/weapons and establish a high production workshop near Sepermeru, city of the Relic Hunters in less than 2 hours. Accomplished by myself in 2 hrs, it will take longer if it is your first time exiled.

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All credit goes to ZEGS!

This guide will show how to establish a high production workshop near the Western City of
Sepermeru. This area has the highest concentration of stone and iron nodes with plenty of
wood and plant fiber nearby. There is also fertile hunting grounds for XP, and hide/tar
production needed for armor and steel. When you gain experience, the city has many level 3 and
level 4 thralls to be taken. There are many areas on the map with the resouces, but not
as abundant. The temperature is extremly hot, you will be overheating 1 or 2 all of the
time but you will level up quickly. If you follow these instructions, within days, you
will have all available weapons and armor and establish a stockpile of supplies to move
North and build your high level fortress.

Starting Out

When you find yourself free from the cross you will be in the Southern Desert. Check your
map and look for the broken aqueduct/shattered bridge that crosses the southern river.

Conan Exiles - How to Craft Iron Tools / Weapons

Collect Plant FIber from bushes, stones and branches from the ground along the way.
Craft clothing and a stone pick. After gaining a few levels, open inventory and level up tab.
Use all points in encumberance from now on, until much later. As soon as possible, unlock recipes and craft tools including the stone sword, stone hatchet, torch, twine, bedroll, and fireplace.

Hunting and Gathering

Start hunting shalebacks, thier babies, and imps for hide and meat. You can kill Antelope
by standing in front of them to prevent them from running right away. There is wildlife and a few
exiles around the base of the shattered bridge on the southern shore.

If you have not placed a bedroll and are not familiar with fighting thralls, you should
avoid them. Careful of red exploding imps, If they start flashing – run. Avoid crocs for
now. Drop all bones, ferel flesh, and heads. They will not be used anytime soon, and eat
bugs, from collecting plant fiber, for food.

Collect enough hide and twine to craft 5-6 sealed waterskins. You will need them in the
desert. Dont carry more than 40 raw meat. Move west along the riverbank and collect Bark,
twine, fiber, and wood.

  • Use stone sword to kill and ax or pick to harverst animals. 
  • Use ax on trees for wood / branches.
  • Use pick on trees for wood / bark.
  • Use pick on rock and, later on, iron.
  • Use ax on dead palms for plant fiber.

You will not need stone or branches after you craft your tools, they will be available
where we are headed. When you reach level 10 you should be able to carry enough supplies.
You should have in your inventory: 100 Bark, 50 twine, 500 wood, 100 fiber, 50 hide, 80-
100 Aloe, 10 yellow lotus, 1 fireplace, 2 box, 2 bedrolls (1 placed before Sulkers End and
one in inventory).

Hostile Territory

Get ready to dash through Skulker’s End.

Place a bedroll, make sure you have another for later. (Remember where you place it so you
can pick it up later.

Conan Exiles - How to Craft Iron Tools / Weapons

Get as close as possible with full stamina and start sprinting. Run in a zigzag motion to
avoid arrows. Even if you are momentarily crippled, keep zigzaging and running. When you
approach the ruins entrance run, to the right, up the hill.

If you are killed you will respawn at your bedroll. If you lose your items you will have
to pick them up, under fire, or start harvesting again. Its best to be successful on your first time.

Pay more attention to your own stamina then the fighters. You will have to walk at some points when you have clearance from fighters. Keep moving and trying to avoid arrows. Walk for 1 or 2 seconds at a time if needed. You may still encounter fighters on the hill. There are some large rocks on the hill to walk around, to charge stamina. You will reach a plateau and another hill straight ahead. You need to run straight and up.

When you reach the top if you look left you will see the Cursed Wall. If you touch it you will die. You have to go right and turn left when you see the unnamed city. You will have to run for awhile followinf along the cursed wall but do not touch. Keep running along the wall until you reach jawbone valley. The valley south of the Jawbone range is marked on the map shown here.

Laying Foundations

Pay attention to temperature and stay away from scorpions. Find a safe spot to place your
bedroll. You may have to find a ledge to climb, only for camp. Place bedroll and chest. You should also place your fire and cook your meat. Place your inventory supplies in chests. Try not to trigger any creatures before you place your bedroll. Only fight afterwards, and if you die, craft and place another bedroll each time, you may need to pick up your items from your body. Once creatures are cleaerd you can build your foundation.

Pick a spot near dense clusters of iron ore. Do not build over resources. When placing
your foundations, hold shift and scroll mousewheel to raise or lower it. Crtl and
mousewheel and alt plus mousewheel will also tilt objects to line up with uneven surfaces.

We are building a small high production workshop. We will place things densly but still
have enough room to walk around workbenches. You can build multiple levels but you will lose production having to travel up and down. If you build on an overheating 2 area, you may have to leave the building while fires are lit. If you build on and overheating 1 (OH1) area it will heat up to OH2 when fires are lit.

We can build a 3 ring circular foundation (12 squares, 31 triangles)
or a 6×5 rectangle foundation (30 squares).

At first we will only build enough of the foundation to place our first furnace. After placing enough foundations, gather 550 stone to craft and place the furnace. Dont place it to
close to the edge of the foundations or it will block wall placement (shown in the video). Place coal, iron, and stone in the furnace to make iron bars and bricks. Start with 200 iron ore and 500 stone
to make a blacksmith bench (100 iron bar/50 brick). Continue with your foundation while the furnace is cooking.

Skip to 12:30 for the foundation build:

Building Workstations

When your first batch of iron and brick is complete, take it and craft and place blacksmith workbench, reload furnace with at least 200-300 iron and as much stone as you can fit.
While furnace is cooking, craft and place a tannery. Place bark and hide in your tannery.
Only craft 10 leathers at first. You will need hide for your armorers bench. Place the
iron bars with the 10 leather and 15 branches in the blacksmith bench. Craft an
iron hatchet, pick, and broadsword as soon as it is unlocked.

Craft a cot or bed and place for a permanent spawn point. Collect more hide from hyenas and antelope. Use the dagger to harvest the hides. Collect more wood, bark, and plant fiber from the area south of the southern gate of Sepermeru. Careful not to be noticed by the guards.

Next craft and place a firebowl cauldron, armorers bench, and carpenters bench. Place remaining hide into tannery and convert to leather. Craft 4-5 wood boxes and a fireplace indoors.Now you can finish your walls and roof. Place a few more furnaces and you now have a high production workshop and iron tools to harvest with and you are ready to craft tier 2 materials.

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