Dungeons of Edera – Basic Guide (Bosses, Boons and Skills)

Guide to Basics

Dungeons of Edera Basics

Welcome to Dungeons of Edera, the game where your family dies in the first scene of the game and you spend the rest of the game scheming about how you are going to get your revenge.

So the basics of the game are pretty much the same for any hack-and-slash.

You get some basic starter equipment that starts you off as far weaker than the initial creatures that you fight, then as you level up the gear you get is better and better based on it’s iLevel (or Item Level).

Harder Difficulties yield higher item level gear, though it is not always better than what you may have already, since the Modifiers are not weighted based on difficulty.

The best advice I can give you for starting a new character with no gear and no prior experience with games of this kind is to find a bow as fast as possible. Any bow will do, you have infinite arrows as long as you manage their recharge correctly, and being able to safely pull some of the games more dangerous creatures one at a time is your best friend.

That being said Aggro is based on two things:

  • Distance from the target.
  • Line of Sight (What direction the enemy is looking).

With a Bow, you can shoot one creature while alerting the others around it to your location. The game then performs an “aggro check” to see if you are with proximity to aggro you and if you are in line of sight. A mob will aggro you if you are within proximity (a few feet, if you are behind them and a significant distance if you are in front of them ). If you are to close when you shoot you can pull multiple creatures at once, and this can be hard to deal with.

Sword and Board (Shield) is going to be the strongest way to deal with monsters from the beginning to the end of the game. Though your damage output won’t be as high, you will be harder to kill. Since you lose your items on death (in any game mode other than “Easy”), preserving your items becomes very important.

Your go-to strategy for starting off should be to pull your target with basic bow shots and then swap to your sword and shield. If you Right Click (by Default this is Block) You will be immune to damage from your front for as long as your endurance lasts, but your endurance will regenerate very slowly while you are blocking. Your default Shield Bash skill (F key by default) will allow you to stop blocking for long enough to regain some endurance and is on a short Cooldown (all skills have a time that allows skills to “recharge”).

With your Melee weapon Left clicking will cause your hero to swing their weapon (with the animation changing depending on your weapon type. Holding shift while attacking (melee only, not bow), will unleash a more powerful attack with a different animation and different effects depending on the weapon that was used with it. Swords will cause a Bleed (Damage over time) and hammers will stun, preventing the enemy from taking action. Power attacks can be used at anytime during the attack chain and will use the animation for the power attack of that chain from the power attack queue.

So a 4-hit combo with a One handed hammer, if you hold Shift on the 4th hit of the combo, you will jump into the air and stun all enemies hit for a few seconds (instead of whipping your hammer forward and only stunning one target).

Now that you can tackle normal monsters with relative ease it’s time to move on to bosses.


Bosses are harder variants of normal creatures you can encounter.

Though I will leave the details of the encounters for you to discover. I can not stress enough how important it is to clear the other creatures from the boss encounters before you start them, as more creatures joining the fight can become problematic if you are not built to deal with it.

Every boss has abilities, just like you do. So you need to know when it is safe to attack, and when you need to back off.

Successfully defeating a boss will unlock the Boon Altar. Allowing you to pick one “Permanent” change to your character. These boons stack, though some interact with each other differently than you’d expect (% chance to activate for instance).


Boons are bonuses to your character’s stats and can range from Bonuses to stats to increases in damage and even a chance to trigger non-player spells.

Some boons have good effects while some have strong positive effects with minor negative ones. Such as trading Magic Find % for more damage.

These boons make the game able to scale easily into ultra hi-level characters. With enough of them you can play the New Game + “Insane” Difficulty with relative safety.

That about sums up all of the basic information you need to know, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section, and when I get back from killing bosses I’ll hop on and try to answer some of them.

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