Super Raft Boat – How to Get All Three Costumes

This guide is going to help you on the journey to get that 3 skins also some tips to help you on that journey.

Three Costumes Guide

How to Get the Helveti’s Second Costume

Ok, so the first one is really simple so I’m not going to go in detail with this one. You just need to kill 100 fish, most people unlock it around L1 3-2.

Some tips to help you achieve this costume:

  • The trinkets that i like to use to achieve this are: Venuz’s Blessing+Granola Bar+Hot Sauce+(Plastic Straw or Plastic Fangs or Romantic Novel).
  • You should always use stock weapon because the unlockables are very situational (the pistol deal more damages than an AK per shot and is more accurate, also with the Venuz’s Blessing you can one-shot kill the fish).
  • For this character you should build as many rafts as you can by holding down the right mouse button.

How to Get Chauncy’s Second Costume

For the second character costume you will need to kill 80 sharks in a single run and most people unlock it around late L2 to early L3.

BTW when I got this costume is when I was practicing for the roboto’s second costume, at this point it was way easier than roboto’s second costume so I did it first try because of that I don’t really know how hard this is for new players).

Some tips to help you:

  • The trinkets that i like to use for Chauncy’s second costume are: Venuz’s Blessing+Hot Sauce+Granola Bar+(Plastic Fangs, Romantic Novel, Dead Fish).
  • For the weapon I once again recommend you going with stock and not the unlockable because you can kill most critters in one shot without the Venuz’s Blessing if every pellet connected, with the Hot Sauce trinket you basically can get double damage pellet every shot because every time you shoot out 7 pellets and with the Venuz’s Blessing it double to 14 pellets.
  • For the rafting technic: I like to build it like those Asian fish farms on the sea, ironic isn’t it. For this building technic you can get great mobility but watch out for those rocks they can seriously wreck your fish farm to dust (For example about 6 water block inside , every block of water in that should be buildable).

You might say: but that is too small I want my Asian fish farm to be bigger than the one you build. You are dead wrong my friend. You are pretty fast underwater but do you know who is as fast as you? Of course, the other sharks,they will ramp into your raft faster than you can react especially in the late game so keep it small and simple and don’t build like this (For example you can’t place any more raft in the middle, you got to place additional raft just to place a raft in the middle now that is too big).

You should also save a slow moving critter like: Fish to rebuit your raft every round.

How to Get Roboto’s Second Costume

Ok so thanks to the new update which buff the hell out of Roboto I waste about 5 hours pre-update to achieve nothing, now it is super easy to achieve it, I did it the first try after the update.

Again here are some tips:

  • First throw the laser rifle in the trash can and prepare to say “Get Some” a lot because we are going to use the minigun. You might say but laser rifle is better, yeah right it is in the early game but when the critters surround you and one miss-click can be the end of your run
  • So for the minigun build that I like the most are: Venuz’s Blessing+Granola Bar+Hot Sauce+(Romantic Novel+Plastic Fangs+Plastic Straw) I call this the “Get Some” build
  • With the “Get Some” build in the late game you can basically shoot infinitely because the sheer amount of critters can cover your whole view. With the Granola Bar trinket, your weapon’s reload meter will be instantly filled a little bit upon killing an enemy. Every click you shoot out 2 bullets so with the Venuz’s Blessing you shoot out 4 bullets per click so this baby can shoot at 240rpm with the Hot Sauce trinket you can only imagine the amount of double damage bullet, you will 3/4 of the weapon’s reload meter to kill a tentacle of the Karen. Like the door gunner that yells out: “Get some” you should also shoot in burst and only use full auto when there are too many if you shoot full auto for every critter, you are going to run out of ammo very soon.
  • With the raft technic: I like to build little squares (8 blocks of rafts surrounding a 1 block of water in the middle) because Roboto can shoot when he is hovering on the water, also it is very hard to drown if you keep on moving because you will need to stand directly on the square of water to start hovering (most of the time you won’t stand directly on the square of water) but your worst enemy are shark remember with this raft technic you are sacrificing defense for mobility so kill the shark first if you can.

Pro Gamer Tips

Ok in this section I’m going to tell you some little tips that i found out while playing the game:

  • Build infinite rafts: If you save the green ghost pirate for last and don’t kill him then the game won’t advance until you kill the last critter. So what you can do is build a lot of rafts in this time to prepare yourself for the next level (he shoot every 3 seconds or so), I also use this trick with the fish when getting the second costume for Chauncy because it moves slowly underwater so i can outrun him underwater with Chauncy.
  • Getting Plastic Straw without needing the trinket: If you need the trinket but you don’t have it then lowering your fps to about 50-40 fps should do the trick (lowering it to 30 fps is super slow like you can see ever bullet shoot out of the minigun).
  • Getting Plastic Fangs without needing the trinket: The healing mechanic in this game is that if you get hurt they will start giving you hearts to heal up so if you get hurt for half a heart and doesn’t heal up they will keep giving you more and more heart (once time i saved up to 8 hearts on a raft trip). This is based alot on luck so if you’re unlucky don’t use this tip. The greatest downfall of this is that i got too greedy and doesn’t it the heart because i want more hearts so i die (you can hurt your self for half a heart by getting hit by a rock or a shark,ect).

Final tip

Here is the final tip: open your favorite song and play the game, good luck on getting them achievement you are going to need it.

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