Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – All Safe Combinations

Here i show you all codes, feel free to leave a like and share it!

Mission #1

  • Location: Climb up the pipes by the abandoned train cart and enter the building through the open window.
  • Combination: 451

Mission #2

  • Location: Jouralists home.
  • Combination: 894 

Mission #3

Safe #1

  • Location: Room with all the safes which you’ll enter as you progress the narrative.
  • Combination: The combination is the Fibonacci sequence. 011/235/813/213/455/891/44.

Safe #2

  • Location: These will the individual safe combinations from inside the bank.
  • Combination: Christofer Jeorge 379, Morgan Yu 315, Luigi Galvani 287.

Mission #5

Safe #1

  • Location: This will be the optional objective to get side Malchiodi’s safe.
  • Combination: Symbols located on the walls will be the combination to the safe. (962)

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