Batman: Arkham Knight – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Batman: Arkham Knight game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • At the start of the game, Batman has lost his REC gun and freeze grenades from Arkham City. You can get both of these back quite early; the REC is in the GCPD Evidence Lockup, and the grenades are in the place where you meet up with Robin. The plot will direct you to both of these eventually, but there’s no reason not to pick them up ASAP.
  • The Batmobile stuff is pretty frontloaded; they lay it on thick at the start of the game, but then ease back a bit.
  • By default, putting the car into battle mode requires holding the left trigger (or RMB). There’s a setting to change this to a toggle, which is recommended. Battle mode can also be used while driving to stop instantly. The car also has multiple POV modes; you might find Bumper-cam works better for the races.


Anything that improves your combat abilities and freeflow is a must. For gadgets, basically every Disruptor upgrade is worthwhile. For the car, dodging and damage are handy. Also the extra Grapnel Boosts really change the way you fly around the city, they’re not necessary but they’re fun.

Riddler stuff

New Riddler puzzles appear across the city in several waves, based on your plot progression. Certain puzzles rely on gadgets you may not yet have unlocked; some of them rely on upgrades you may not have. As in previous games, you can add puzzles to your map by scanning the trophies, or by interrogating Riddler’s dudes on the streets. You need to get all of the trophies if you want to catch the Riddler. The one upside is that they carry over into New Game+

Certain militia checkpoints have tons of guys with guns in a small area. Usually, you’re meant to find a way to take them out with the car.
There’s a lot of incidental dialogue, much of which is based on your progression through the story. So take your time, wander around, do lots of side-missions, soak it all up.

  • The police helicopters will sometimes point out the locations of side-missions, if you’re having trouble finding them.
  • When you get up to the last mission of the main plot, several different characters will tell you it’s the point of no return. This is not actually true; you can keep playing the game, and do all the side-missions, after the main story is complete.
  • In order to unlock the ending, you need to have completed 7 out of the 14 Gotham’s Most Wanted questlines. In order to unlock the secret ending, you need to have completed all 14 (which means getting all the Riddler trophies). Honestly, the difference is like 20 seconds of footage, unless you enjoy the puzzles you might as well just watch it on Youtube.
  • DLC: the challenge maps and skins are whatever. The Arkham Episodes are well-made, but incredibly short, like 15 minutes each (except for the Batgirl one, which is more like 90). The Season of Infamy, on the other hand, adds four new questlines to the main game; they’re really well-integrated, and are on par with the best stuff from the base game.

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