Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game – How to Modify FPS Cap

Remove the 30 FPS cap, or allow the game to past 60 FPS.

Guide to Modify FPS Cap


Note: The game will slow down if you can not reach the desired FPS, please adjust your settings and/or code selection accordingly!

  • Download HedgeModManager.
  • Open HedgeModManager, make sure it’s on Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in the Settings tab.

  • Install the mod loader if it prompts you to. If it doesn’t, click the button in the Settings tab.
  • Go to the Codes tab, then select the FPS code you want.

  • Click Save and Play, the game will now boot up with the FPS you want to play at.
  • Make sure the game is not fullscreen in the game’s settings (Windowed or Borderless Fullscreen work fine).

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