Sea of Thieves – How to Deal with Griefers and Avoid Conflict

Are you tired of constantly getting sunk? Do you hate getting attacked for no reason even if you don’t have any loot? This guide will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to completely avoid griefers and finally turn in some loot.

Guide to Deal with Griefers and Avoid Conflict

All credit goes to Lycoris Radiata!

How to Avoid Fighting

In sot there are many different ways to say I don’t want to fight.

Here are the ones I see the most:

Pointing your cannons upwards

Pointing your cannons up is a great way to say “I don’t want to fight.” because it keeps your cannons from aiming at anyone. It’s also a universally recognized symbol of peace.

Flying a white flag

Every one knows that a white flag symbolizes surrender and most pirates will see it and leave you alone.

Offering to form an alliance

Alliances are mutually beneficial to everyone involved because everything that gets turned in gives allis a bonus 50% of the gold earned.

Saying: “We’re friendly!” to approaching ships

Most of the time other pirates are just as afraid of you as you are of them. They only want to sink you to keep you from messing up their voyage so if you let them know you mean no harm, it will often stop them from attacking.

Checking if there are any reaper’s emissary ships on the map before you set sail

If there are any reapers on the map it’s best to go to a different server. They’re out for your blood.

Use peace balls to stop them from shooting

A good strategy is to stop them from shooting and sail into the wind. If you are on a sloop its the fastest ship when sailing against the wind.

Raise the reaper’s mark

Everyone avoids the reaper’s mark.

Play Maiden voyage

If you want to play sea of thieves but don’t like other crews, avoid the problem entirely by playing maiden voyage.

Get better at the game

Most of the time people just lose because they are bad at the game. You can avoid this by getting better.

Just give up

It’s best to just give the better crews your loot because they deserve it and its a hassle to sink you anyways.

Play a different game

Not all games have PvP. If you don’t like PvP why are you playing sot?

Leave a complaint

If the game is that hard for you: let the developers know how bad they messed up by leaving a bad review.

Get a councilor

If you are getting upset because someone stole from you in a game about being a pirate, you may have anger manegment problems.

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