Desolatium: Prologue – Complete Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements


Desolatium: Prologue is a short point and click adventure featuring ten achievements.

Story Achievements

A narrow escape!

  • You were almost caught by a Ghoul.

The last talk

  • You talked to a mysterious old lady.

The silver key

  • You have used the silver key.


  • You have managed to combine two objects.

Star Voyager

  • You have reached R’lyeh and met Cthulhu.

Missable Achievements

Arkham librarian

  • You have found all the texts from the game.

Read all 7 notes in a single playthrough:

Innsmouth citizen

  • Now you know a bit more about Innsmouth.

Pick up the coin sitting on the ground next to the ladder and give it to the woman in the house:


  • You have discovered all the secrets from the graveyard.

Examine all 14 interactable graves at the graveyard – in a single playthrough:

Until the end

  • You have seen all the credits. Thank you!

Watch the credits at the end of the game. Don’t press Esc key to skip them.


  • You have finished the game twice.

Complete the game two times in a row (in one session).

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