Prey – Tips and Trick for Newbies

Please note: all credit goes to Peyrino!

This is my 10 tips and tricks for first time players wanting to try Prey, or if you’re getting stumped at the games mechanics. This assumes as well that you are playing at normal mode.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

  • Use environment to your advantage. Throwing items is always a good option.
  • Gloo gun – best gun. Gloo gun has so many features. It has uses in combat, repairs, and circumventing. You can use it to create platforms to jump on, immoblize enemies and hit them for a damage boost, and also to help repair flames and acts as a temporary stopgap for electrical circuits.
  • Generally speaking, don’t be afraid to look over areas twice. I’ve found at times I miss things the first time.
  • Nullwave transmitter is really useful against alot of the bigger enemies.
  • I generally recommend a few paths to get for convenience sake. The main ones to aim for in my opinion are at least repair 2, and hacking 2. These will enable you to get through most areas of the game more straightforwardly, which for a first playthrough can help. With repair 2 you can fix wall outlets, which is a big convenience. Hacking 2 allows you to get through a good amount of terminals without breaking the sequence of the game too much.
  • If you go down the alien path, getting too many alien abilities (more than 2) will result in turrets targeting you. This is one reason to get hacking 2. Machine mind also goes well with it.
  • When scanning typhon for data, especially the larger ones, try to be in stealth. If they come at you, immobilize using the gloo gun.
  • Food is useful, water fountains are free health.
  • If this is your first playthrough, pick the ability that allows you get at least to 150 health. Believe me, it’ll help.
  • If you can’t seem to find a way through an area, or lack a skill, look for ways around. In this game, there is almost always a way around an area.

Bonus tip

  • It may hurt your pride, but there is nothing wrong with lowering the difficulty down. you can do it at anytime without consequence. If you’re getting frustrated, remember the aim of a game is to have fun first and foremost. You can always bump up difficulty later.
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