Terraria – Mastermode For The Worthy Destroyer

This guide is meant to help you kill destroyer in mastermode for the worthy. Me and my friend spent a very long time brooding over this only to accidentally kill the destroyer multiple times in around 30 seconds.

How to Defeat Destroyer in Mastermode

Required Weapons

So first off, Crystal Assassin Armor is actually really useful. Secondly, make a very long bridge of any material (preferably platforms because you can pass through them without issue and stars will land on them) so fallen stars land on them and you can farm them easily.

Thirdly, make a Super Star Cannon. Gather around 90 stars so you have enough for multiple Destroyer rounds, although 120 is better.


Eh, just make a standard boss arena. You should already have one because it’s pretty much required to have one at this point. Make it out of platforms, with torches, campfires, and heart lanterns for maximum light and health regen.

Destroyer Being Destroyed

Spawn it in, then make sure you quickly go to the back of it where it is coiled up, then unload. My friend got roughly 30k dps doing this so you should do it correctly. I’m willing to help with stuff if you need.


  1. would’ve been more helpful if it was pre mech bosses, i am trying to look up a guide on master ftw pre mech bosses

  2. ltiterally overrated, you can defeat destroyer ftw pre boss. Life drain, ichor and some summons and Titan armor and the basic assceoerys and u can kill him in 10 SECONDS.

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