Risk: Global Domination – Impenetrable Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Impenetrable Achievement

All credit goes to Pingu!


There is other guides on how to get this achievement but you need a friend for those. My guide explains how to get the rarest achievement in Risk by yourself. To get the achievement you have to defend 15 attacks in a row. So you willl attack yourself from your phone to get it. All you need is a cell phone and a computer. It’s really easy so anybody can do it. If you have this achievement you can showcase it on your profil and flex on your friends. I have tested this on iphone but i think it works on android.

Download and Add Friend

  • Go to app store or google play on your phone (I have only tested this on iphone but i think its works on android too). Then search for Risk and dowload it.

  • When you have opened up the app press the green happy face in the corner. Thats where you add friends. Then type in your computers Player ID on your phone. After that you just have to accept the friend request on your computer.

Get Into a Game

  • When you have added yourself go back to the main menu. from there press “play friends” and then “create game” on your computer. Change to these settings so you can do this easely.
  • Then press “play friends” on your phone and then join the games that comes up. When your phone account is in start the game.

Getting the Achievement

I will call your computer Red and your phone Blue so its easier to understand. Place Red in congo and blue so it surrounds red. Place the red in North America or Asia to get many cards and blue in the other places.

Make a really big defense in Congo and attack it with small troops. By doing it this way Congo never loses and you can defend alot. Do this a couple of times until you get the achievement.

When you are done just complete the game and you will have the achievement.

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