Phantom Abyss – Treasure Hunter Guide (All Hidden Chest Locations)

Team WIBY has put a ton of hidden chests all over the temple! Here’s the sneaky ones I’ve found to help you get blessings more consistently.

Where to Find All Hidden Chests


I’ve seen people complain in reviews & forums about how people spread out and search every nook and cranny of the level and it slows the gameplay down a lot. The thing is, once you know approximately where to look, you don’t spend too much time stuck in a room. Give a quick glance in certain areas and move on! My goal is to share the spots that I’ve found, as I’ve spent a lot of time treasure hunting. I see many ghosts miss a lot of these spots, so I’d like to help others find these really cool hiding spots too!

This guide will list the rooms with the guaranteed chest locations, but there are many more to find from the procedurally-generated rooms.


  1. Many rooms in Phantom Abyss can be generated 2 ways (eg: climbing up a hill or descending the hill). I listed them based on my run at the time. With enough runs, you’ll be able to recognize it regardless.
  2. I’ll be honest, not all of areas I list are needed as they’re pretty obvious, but I added them to kinda complete the guide.
  3. The pics are screenshots from recordings of a number of my runs. If a screenshot is unclear, leave a comment and I’ll grab a better one!

If you’re an experienced player, you probably don’t need to look at many. Some I recommend though:

  • All Levels: Stone Statues
  • Entrance: Rubble Secret, Ceiling Statue Secret, Water Jump, Relic Room
  • Cavern: Throne Treasure
  • Inferno: Single Dartthrower, Relic Room

All Levels

Quick thing before we start, there are no chests in the starting rooms (except for cavern1 & inferno 1), blessings rooms, or the brazier rooms! There’s no point in searching around.

Ok let’s get started!

The first rule for finding treasure, look up, down, and to the side!

What I mean by UP is: there are many secret passages in the ceiling. Generally they are located at the start and/or the end of the chambers. I look up every time I enter and exit a room and it’s a good habit to get into. If you’re having trouble reaching, climb on nearby objects, such as the lamps, rubble, statues, or entryways!

By down: Take a glance down any hole in the ground. More often than not, it’ll be more secret passages. Look before you leap though, because some will just lead to the abyss!

By side: Check side paths and runoffs. Most of these, people find. I’d recommend though, if the path splits, once you’re through, take a glance down the one you didn’t take. It might house a treasure.

Following these rules, you’ll find most of the chests. There’s a surprising amount in each level, though it does lessen the deeper you get.

Besides those, here are 2 secrets that show up in all levels:

Stone Statues

I haven’t seen anyone else find these (and honestly, it’s the main reason I made this guide). Behind the 3rd statue in a row, there is sometimes a hidden chest!

A word of warning: It is awkward to squeeze yourself by the statue AND the room is tiny. Please don’t grab this with Devouring Rage on your back. Don’t be a fool like me.

Bars & Hole in the Wall

If you see this barred window, look around for a hole in the wall to jump through. It’ll lead to a large chest.

If you want to see location-specific ones, keep reading!


This will be the biggest part of the guide, as they seem to have the most creative hiding spots! You want to get as many chests as possible here to get your upgrades. Let’s get into them!

Waterfall Start

A first room for many runs. 3 treasures in total, generally on the way, just know where to look. #2 is behind the wall, 3 is turning to the left instead of heading to the exit.

Waterfall Key Room

Entering the room from the top, there’s a chest on the left and the right, before you descend to the lower level. And 2 more chests in the far left and right as well!

Waterfall Climb

A secret room to the right before you start climbing. A 2nd chest along the way in its own cubbie. 3rd is where the water is draining from. Also look up from that spot too, as there’s usually a ceiling secret!

Block Climb

Climb up these sturdy platforms. 2 are on the way, but make sure you’re checking the walls on the left and right, as they tend to have secrets to grab as well.

Winding Staircase

2 chests here, 1 on top and the 2nd underneath.

Branching Path

If you see this room where you can run through the middle or go down either ramp to the side, take the ramp! There’s a large chest waiting at the bottom.

Middle Chest

Idk what to call this one.

There’s a chest in the middle of the room, but if you climb on the rocks at the start and turn left, you’ll find a chest on the platforms along the wall.


Guaranteed 2 beside the exit, there’s also often a hole secret on the lower ground area.

Tower Jump

A long room with towers of varying sizes. The chests are quite random, but they’re always along the wall. Check up AND down!

Water Jump

You’ve got to jump across a pit filling with water streams to get to the exit. There’s a chest in the far left and close right corner of the room, though one of the other corners might have some breakable jars. Another point, which also applies to other rooms, check behind the waterfalls!

Look Up

Chests are sometimes stored in a cubby above the entrance or exit. Give it a quick check. (pic 1 entering room, pic 2 was turning around)

Spike Towers

This is a tough one to explain. It has a lot of towers with spikes or rotating blades. There’s one guaranteed at highest tower, and one usually to the right of spawn. But there are many hidden chests in cubbies scattered around the room. It’s a bit dangerous looking for them, but you can get a lot of coins. It’s also procedurally-generated, so I can’t give exact locations.

Treasure Rooms


Make sure you climb to the top of these 2 structures, you’ll find some goodies

Secret Above

Some side passages seem like nothing, until you look up.

Statues Hidden Hallway

If you see this statues standing guard, double-check around them. A hallway might be there that leads to a treasure.

Rubble Secret

One that’s lesser known, if you find knocked over rubble near a wall, there might be a secret room behind it!

Ceiling Statue Secret

A little more known, but still rare to see, in some of the ceiling secret rooms, there’s a secret room you can find behind the statues. It seems to be always ‘behind you and to the right’ when looking at the chest.

Ceiling Secret Continuation

Still in the ceiling secret, if the chest looks like this, grapple upward! There’s another 2 chests to find. Again, 3 TOTAL CHESTS TO GET (someone told me they thought it stopped at 2).

Relic Room Start

Before you start rushing to those braziers, there are 2 chests in the far left and right corners of the room.

Relic Room

You’ve opened the door, congrats! Time to grab your reward. There are 3 obvious chest here and 2 hidden ones! On the middle chest’s platform, turn toward the door and look down. One’s hiding in the cubbie. The other is actually BEHIND the relic platform. Take a peek and see for yourself!

Red Herring

Them just trying to mess with you.


This room seems complicated, with lots of little rooms to check. Waste of time because from what I’ve seen, only a small chest will sometimes spawn just before the exit.

Broken Chest?

If you use the DYI whip, you might see an outline of a chest randomly in the wall. I think something bugs up with the room generation, but maybe I’ve missed something?


Caverns is kinda weird because it has a number of rooms that are really spacious and set off my treasure hunting sensor. But there’s nothing to find. I listed them at the end, so you don’t waste your time.

Starting Room

Most people seem to know this, but there are 2 chests in the first room, on the left and right.

Overpass Key Room

You start on the overpass, with the bottom floor holding the key (and a chest across the room from it) and 2nd floor have some traps with chests on each side. 3 chests in total + there is often a ceiling hidden room above the overpass

Dartthrower Climb

A large staircase at the start, 1 chest to grab amidst a cluster of dartthrowers

Waterfall Climb

You either have to descend or ascend these cubbies with water flowing in front. A treasure every 2 cubbies

Staircase Descend

A spiral staircase to weave around. 2 chests along the way.

Dartthrower Staircase

You have to go down a bunch of stairs while avoided a horde of dartthrowers on each level. Main hidden treasure to get is in a cubbie above the stairs going down.

Misc Room

Very similar to the Entrance version, 2 cubbies with a chest each. (I have just realized I don’t have the Entrance version in there yet, it’ll come)

Misc2 Room

This is more of a reminder, when the exit is on very low ground, check above it in case there’s a chest


I’m running out of names xD 1 up the stairs to the left, 1 in the cubbie to the right, and then in each of the dartthrower cubbies up the stairs (I think a total of 3?)

Treasure Rooms

Throne Treasure

Sure there’s a long staircase up to a nice treasure, but did you know about the one BEHIND it? Drop down and look behind the staircase for another one.

Dropdown Area

A lot of people have found this, but one of the dropdown areas has a very obvious treasure on the one side and one you need to slide/jump over a pile of rubble on the other.

Platform Climb

There’s a treasure room that you climb a bunch of platforms. Again, 1 is very clear in the middle of the room, but just make sure you climb all the way up for 2nd chest.

Dartthrower Trove

No explanation needed, right? The 3 you can see, though the opposite wall (what I’m turned away from) sometimes has a side area chest or hole in the wall.

Relic Room

Haven’t found any secret chests in here, total of 6 (4 by entrance, 2 on the climb up)

Red Herrings

I swear there should be chests here, but have never found one in a run.

Mid-Level Blessings Statue

You think there’s a chest down here, but it’s a blessings statue at the end of a bunch of pillar platforms. You can check all around those pillars, but nothing’s there.

Tall Pillars

Whether its going up or down, this room is massive, but nothing to see here


Long horizontal room, which is lovely with wings. Nothing on the way


Starting Room

There’s always 2 chests, one to the left and right of the key in the middle. You’ve got to avoid some type of trap to get the chest at the end.

Stone Structures

If there’s a room with these stone structures, they may lead to a hidden room with a chest.


There’s a room with these platforms along the wall. It’s got 2 chests to find, along with the key. Lucky me had a side chamber to grab an extra chest!


There’s an army of dartthrowers on the ground. 4 chests scattered around the pillars. There is also a large chest by climbing up the wall by the little stone figures around the top of the room.

Single Dartthrower

This sole figure tries to stop you from leaving the room. But he also hides a chest behind some lava

Donkey Kong

You can’t exactly jump over the boulders but the slopes remind me of DK. There’s 2 chests on platforms on the way up. Btw you can press yourself against the wall along the slope and it avoids the boulders.


These ones are pretty obvious. A chest on each of the archer’s platforms.

Treasure Rooms

Maze Chest Room

Finding a path upward may lead to the top of a pyramid-like structure. Drop down and look for the opening into the centre. You’ll find a chest in the middle!

Pyramid Chest Room

Climb up a ceiling hidden area and find a narrow room. There are 2 torches in little alcoves and 1 opening to a large pyramid. There’s 2 chests at the bottom and 1 large at the top!

Jackpot Room

I call this the jackpot room because there are between 4-7 chests to grab. Another ceiling hidden area. Check the wall cubbies and the ground

Relic Room

You did it! You beat the hardest area in the game! Time to grab your rewards. You’ve got 4 chest as you go through the doorway. One on each side (those are pretty obvious), but don’t forget to turn toward the lava waterfalls for another 2! And finally, another 4 on your way to the relic.


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